Doing Their “Due Diligence”

Have you seen, read or heard about Monica Lewinsky lately? There is a reason she is being brought up again and it has nothing to do with the #metoo or #timesup movements. Actually what you are witnessing is Hillary Clinton and her 2020 supporters simply doing their due diligence.

They are going to support and vote and propogandate whatever they can in the meantime, so once Hillary announces her candidacy. They can simply say that they did discuss Monica Lewinsky.

They are simply doing their due diligence, just to get it out of the way. So, if it is brought up by Hillary’s opposition, they can appear like they care.

Same Hillary time same Hillary channel.



34 thoughts on “Doing Their “Due Diligence”

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      True, but I will say. The Clintons have trash on everyone. That’s probably the only reason they are still above ground

            1. bottomlesscoffee007
                1. bottomlesscoffee007

                  Yeah super entertaining. I can’t speak of their accuracy. But I think it’s valuable to look at all aspects.

                1. His biological father is Winston Churchill – and his biological mother is Churchill’s daughter-in-law Pamela Harriman. (The Clinton-Harriman resemblance is shocking. Also, Harriman is Fergie’s – Prince Andrew’s ex – cousin.) As I mentioned in my articles that bottomless coffee linked, Churchill is the biological father of Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Margaret, and the biological son of King Edward VII.
                  (What a mess!)

                  1. Ewwww. She would have been 26 & he, 72. Gross.

                    Why hide Churchill’s background? He was as pivotal to the country as has “grandmother” was…

                    How did you find all this?

                    With the “Spencer” in his name, I was thinking Diana’s side of the aisle.

                    1. Greg Hallett. He’s got loads of dirt on the royals, which appears to be generally quite accurate (where one can confirm or disprove his claims, they are generally proven; facial resemblance, for example).
                      Churchill was the illegitimate son of King Edward VII and Jennie Jerome, herself the daughter of Frederick Spencer, 5th Earl Spencer and Empress Elizabeth of Austria. Edward VII was the illegitimate son of Queen Victoria by her half-brother, Lionel Nathan de Rothschild (their common father: Nathan Mayer Rothschild). Churchill was also the father of James Mason, who is the father of Michael Middleton (yes, Princess Kate’s father).
                      That’s some of the mess.
                      Yes, Frederick Spencer – Churchill’s biological grandfather – is the uncle of Diana’s father, the 8th Earl Spencer. Oh, but Spencer isn’t Diana’s real father. That appears to be Sir James Goldsmith (making controversial Conservative MP Zac Goldsmith Diana’s half-brother, and Will and Harry’s half-uncle). Judging by facial resemblances, I believe Goldsmith to have been the son of Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson – stolen at birth. Diana’s mother, Frances Shand Kydd, to me looks like the biological daughter of kings Edward VIII and George VI’s younger brother, the Duke of Kent, and his wife Marina (Greek princess, cousin of Prince Philip).

                    2. Well, they look really similar to me. Yes, there is some difference – although it’s worth noting that some photos don’t show a difference. Perhaps fraternal – or just a sister. Not entirely clear there.

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          I don’t think Clinton agreed to have his DNA tested. Therefore, the claim that was “debunked” was never even vetted.

            1. bottomlesscoffee007

              That’s the whole problem with DNA, no one knows how to read it, so all we do is take them at “their word”.

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          I’ve heard that before and to be honest, they look so much alike. I’m surprised actually, that Hillary allowed sperm to be injected into her spoiled womb

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