NCOs Order, Officers Command

Lose the NCO, order goes out the window. Lose the Officer, there is no command. Partners in authority and necessary adversaries. Iron sharpens iron, the spark which defines.


2 thoughts on “NCOs Order, Officers Command

  1. Yep. Sarge handles the troops. A smart LT will listen to his NCO as he directs.

    Funniest pissing contest I have ever seen was between two E9s. One was a Sgt.Maj., the other, a Master Guns…one administrative, one technical. Sgt.Maj. ran things…on paper. Master Guns ran the men. Sgt.Maj. said “You will.” Master Guns said “Maybe. Ask me nicely.” That Sgt.Maj, despite ribbons on his chest, rockers under his diamond and time/grade above, couldn’t do s*** without the Master Guns.

    Most of the time, both were ROADs. Heh. 😉😆


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