Lactose Intolerance

How many of us are lactose intolerant yet still enjoy a milkshake or ice cream? We know that eventually we will pay, but sometimes when a hankering becomes apparent, we just can’t ignore the delicious creamy and sweetness of milk. Whether it’s heartburn or the feared “intolerant asshole”, we all have our ways of dealing.

From antacid to before or after pills. We know the danger of ingesting lactose. But we still do it anyway. Why, because we love what we love. Even if it means dealing with pain.

Just because your body may be lactose intolerant, doesn’t mean that you are. Sometimes, you just have to open to intolerance since all you desire may be tolerance.


4 thoughts on “Lactose Intolerance

  1. Good points. I know, personally, dairy and me do not get along but I cant, wont give up my butter pecan ice cream or snickers milkshake. I will suffer a little while after but the indulgence is worth it.

      1. I actually do. People are entitled to their opinions, and a difference of opinion is just that, most of the time. As long as you don’t force your thoughts and ideas down my throat, then I have no issue.

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