Arizona, Florida and Georgia, What This Means for the Future

The 2018 midterms have so far proved one thing to me. As we move forward, things are gonna continue to get worse. 2020 is gonna be particularly challenging and may prove to break if not forever damage our voting and electoral process.

The 2016 election and after have provided the model. Constant and never ending investigations and the refusal to concede. Conceding for the people seems to be lost on the egos and elite mindset of the politicians.

Voting officials have proved to be blatantly incompetent and overly political. Fraud possibly, but the inability to do one’s job, has forever stained the paper thin trust that barely existed. The distain and malice that our own government has bequeathed upon us is now rearing it’s ugly head.

Soon, lawyers and doctors will have to reveal their political affiliation, if not, their patients and customers will continue to lose trust. Political affiliation has proved to be more important than trust. Professionals no longer exist for the most part. Party lines and affiliates are the indicators and the measurement of what will be disclosed. All else is mere pleasantries, a smile to appear neutral, buying time to eventually escape when it is made apparent that enemy territory has been inhabited by the unwelcome.

Are you democrat or republican? Do you believe in the 2nd Amendment? Do you believe that health care is a right? Where do you stand on abortion? These and many more are the questions or statements that will quickly allow others to identify you as friend or foe.

Winning, over all. Winning regardless of the cost. A victory in court is hardly a true measure of truth or justice. What is your community worth to you? What is your home worth to them?


19 thoughts on “Arizona, Florida and Georgia, What This Means for the Future

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      2020 is gonna be a mother if these are the lengths they are willing to go for the midterms. Funny how practically all of the ballots that they suddenly found are for blue. And the official in charge is untouchable.

          1. Well, yeah. I always read your blog but, these are a little different. One says the Deep State is showing itself & things will improve. The other is not so sure. Two different takes.

  1. I noticed back in 2016 what a year for sore, unadmitting losers it was. Hang, the best loser was Bernie Sanders – the only major candidate to gracefully concede defeat and not snide or oppose his opponent (Clinton).

          1. I know. Especially the young people. Weird and stupid. One only has to look to the USSR, North Korea, and China to see what socialism is. Oh, and Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany (the Fascists were left-wing).

            1. bottomlesscoffee007

              Exactly, for some reason though everyone is trying to convince everyone else that everything from communism to the Nazis were right wing.

              They cannot seem to grasp that all of this is completely left wing, communism, fascism, socialism etc. and all of this has led to the murders of millions only within the last 100 or so years. It ain’t the Bible where it happened thousands of years ago. It literally happened within our grandparents time.

              This is why I have no hope in my fellow man.

              1. Reminds me of that recent anti-Semitic massacre, whom the media claimed was influenced by Trump’s rhetoric. Never mind that the man HATED Trump and called him a “globalist” for not kicking the Jews out.

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