Trump Vs. “The Media”

What are your thoughts on Trump and the media?

I have questions:

Why is it that only certain media is allowed into the Whitehouse on a daily basis to ask questions, how come the rest of us don’t get the same access?

Is the media smarter or better than the rest of us?

Does the 1st Amendment only pertain to “legitimate” media?


17 thoughts on “Trump Vs. “The Media”

  1. You have a point there but, if everyone wanted to go to a press briefing, they would need a bigger room.

    You can write him a letter. He may or may not get it.

    Plebs & proletarians don’t get direct access. Even some bourgeoisie don’t.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Exactly, I’ve written one letter so far, over a year now and no response. I guess my access has been revoked or it was never considered.

      1. Because they DON’T represent us. They represent the ones who actually run the world…and, themselves, in the process. They are just frontmen, paid handsomely to do the bidding of “the man/men/people behind the curtain.”

        What was your letter about? Can you say?

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