Get A Dog, So You Can Blame Your Farts on It.

Thank God for retards, mental instability and “PTSD”! These dimwits take the heat off of the criminals. They can’t defend themselves, plus it’s just easier on the rest of us.

Get a dog a retard or a mentally unstable person or even a veteran. Then you can just blame everything on them!!! Besides, the state may even pay you to pretend like you take care of your mongoloid.

As long as these nincompoops are around, we can continue to blame our flatulence on them. We need to look and smell our very best!

Are you ready for your selfie yet?

Now that these victims have been exposed to trauma and atrocity, will they also be diagnosed with a mental instability or possibly PTSD? Will they now lose their rights for being in the wrong place at the wrong time?


9 thoughts on “Get A Dog, So You Can Blame Your Farts on It.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      A rant? Interesting. Not so much a rant from where I am standing, just some light humor. Also, just helping others to formulate a counter to all of the gun control nonsense that is spewing all over the place this morning.

      1. Ah. Thank you. The PTSD & dog farts in the same post thru me off. I was just wondering where “your head” (thoughts) were at.

        Rant. Declaration. Using the term loosely… 🤔

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