Fox News Wants to Crack Down on Veterans

Judge for yourself. Nothing like good old fashioned mass punishment. Remember my earlier post about blaming your farts on your dog?

I wonder how many law enforcement people out there are still on the force, even though they experience PTSD as well.

What about other victims, rape victims, home invasion victims, false rape allegation victims, do any of these people suffer from PTSD?







12 thoughts on “Fox News Wants to Crack Down on Veterans

  1. Anonymous

    This isn’t the first time there has been this sort of rhetoric towards vets. Was it Janet Reno who said vets were a threat to America? Anyone and anything makes a better scapegoat than the truth.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      I never knew that about Janet Reno. Thanks. To be honest, the interesting aspect of this is that America is already talking about an opioid crisis. America is a nation that is over-diagnosed and heavily medicated as it already is.

      The Vets are the scapegoats in this, you are completely correct. With all of the mental health problems people already complain about, how do they think they will be immune from being labeled “mentally unstable” and they will somehow not lose their rights as well?

      This argument that is constantly brought up, is in fact a self defeating argument that cannot stand on its own merits. This argument will defeat those whom champion it. Eventually they may be found mentally unfit or disabled and their rights stripped as well.

      The reason for this argument is to convince the masses that this right is no longer needed. This is how people are stripped of their rights without breaking the law, without representation, without legislation and without legitimate court proceedings.

      1. Veterans always get the short end (unless you have stars on your shoulders). The gov has always feared its own warriors. They are the fighters & protectors. If it comes down to anarchy, who will the warriors fight for? DC or their local communities? There has always been some question of “what happens if DC calls up active duty to fight for them”. Follow orders or, do what is right?

            1. bottomlesscoffee007

              Honestly, I don’t know how they did it. I for one know that I could not do anything of the sort, I don’t think I could even stomach doing that to my fellow veterans or even citizens, if they were not attacking my own family.

              You gotta be a low down slimy fucker to be able to do something so counter to everything.

              The sacrifices that the Bonus Army made is why Veterans are semi taken care of today.

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