“A House Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand” ~President Abraham Lincoln~

At the same time, government should not be on a glide path. A divided government attempts to ensure everyone is represented equally and accordingly.

Then again, does the “stop watch” begin immediately after everyone is sworn in? Will the referendum begin immediately or will more excuses be doled out?

In any regard, a Republican President, a majority Democratic House and a, who the hell knows Senate. Will thing get better? Probably not.

Another two years of excuses until 2020, then this buffoonery will start again.

Will you be bamboozled again?

Will I be bamboozled again?

Probably yes on both.

Since there are more women in gubment, is sexism dead?

Is Florida and Georgia gonna remain “racist”?


24 thoughts on ““A House Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand” ~President Abraham Lincoln~

            1. Yeah. WP doesn’t notify you in the Reader or in your sidebar.

              Normal comments will go to spam if one person comments a lot or, uses links. WP’s spam software is tight but, it does stop the nasties. I routinely get slammed by Easter Europe & Russia…just because I posted an Unsplash image from a Russian photographer.

              Glad I could help.😉😎

                1. Oh, yeah. I have a long-distance Russian friend via a forum & personal emails that provides the REAL DEAL about what is going on over there. And, it ain’t what is being reported over here. I also talk to a lady in Serbia & a lady in Croatia. We in the US know NOTHING…unless we know where to look.

                  1. The whole world knows nothing about what is going on there. But the most scary part is that their president is supported by many Russian people and countries from the ex Soviet union…

                1. Go to Unsplash, find a Russian photographer, post a picture, give credit & link back to it. The entire Eastern Bloc & half of Siberia will be @ your backdoor.

                  “Hey. Hey, you. You want some sweet Ruskie girlies? We got beautiful girls. Cheap, too. Do anytink you want… Cleek da link, my Amerikan friend. You have gud time.” 😉😎

                    1. Uh…no. That mouse-over thing is actually a giant pain in the ass. It’s a freaky pop up that won’t stop. WP folks think they are being helpful. Just. Stop. Not helping…

                      And, naked pix of skinny, child-looking, girls makes me wince. I am simultaneously horrified & pity them.

                      And, QUIT SLAMMING MY BLOG…

                    2. Hits. My spam folder overflowing with backward Rs & porn. My stats may be pretty but…for all the wrong reasons.

                      What did you think I was referring to…just out of curiosity?

                    3. Oh, NO, love. We may not have met face to face but, your personal energy comes thru your written/typed words. Never crossed my mind. My last sentence in that comment was (uselessly) directed @ the backward R crowd. I will use quotations next time. 😉


                    4. bottomlesscoffee007

                      Gotcha, your a gem Victoria. Thanks for reading my bathroom wall graffiti. I really do appreciate your support.

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