Is Masturbation Natural?

Is it natural and healthy to masturbate? What about defecation? Is it natural and healthy to defecate? Urination, is urination natural and healthy? Why can’t we do these natural and healthy things in public?

Breastfeeding is natural and healthy, but does that mean it should be done in public? I’m basically convinced that women who breast feed in public just want a reason to show their breasts off. If not, how come breastfeeding has not been broadcast on national television?

I’m all for breastfeeding in public, just as I am a proud supporter of “Free the Nipple” and “Slut Walk” movements. There’s nothing better than getting to see women’s tits as I go about my day.

I really hope that women will continue to think that it offends me to see naked women.

Is it natural and healthy that I enjoy looking at naked or semi naked women?

Besides, I always wear sunglasses, even indoors if it helps!!!!


11 thoughts on “Is Masturbation Natural?

  1. Well…if anyone was ever confused or unsure of which way you swing, that clears it right on up.

    All are natural. Some want to watch. I think I will read a book. 😉🤓

  2. The Dream” “O I had such a wonderful dream, she said. I dreamed you made love to me. At last, he said to himself, the spirit has taken up some of the heavy work.” – Leonard Cohen.

  3. LOL! I disagree on why women breastfeed in public, but nonetheless found your post… interesting. It’s also interesting that masturbation is never forbidden in Scripture. Neither is swearing. So much for our “Christian” taboos.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Thanks JM. I always thought breastfeeding was considered an intimate experience shared between the mother and her baby. Why do it in public and deal with the stares?

      Especially how everyone is always talking about technology. Pump it at home and keep it special and intimate. Otherwise your just throwing it peoples faces.

      I mean, this isn’t the 3rd world!!!

      1. Well, what if you’re at the shopping centre and your baby is crying for a feed?
        (I’m the oldest of 8 children – and I still live with my parents – so I know a bit of what it’s like. LOL)

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