OMG, SNL Made Fun of a Wounded Warrior!!!

Who gives two shits? Not me, I could care less if the one eyed man was a Navy Seal. Have you ever talked to a group of Navy Seals? Their all assholes. Plus, he’s running for Congress. A Navy Seal running for Congress can’t take an off color joke. Talk about playing the victim.

Two blacks are running in Georgia and Florida. Whenever I hear them talk about their skin color, my mind goes to dark places to be honest. This is what I hear them say “elect a negro to prove you ain’t racist”.

Apparently 2018 has been declared the “Year of the Woman”. I wonder when the “Year of the Man” will ever happen?

Could you imagine the outrage if a white man would say “elect me, I’m white”?!?!?!

Or, “elect me, I’m straight”!

What if someone would say “elect me and let’s shut these women up”!

All of these ignant black, white, men, women, gays and lesbians running, cannot seem to prove their initiative or their integrity.

They all are resting on their laurels. From the one eyed navy seal, to the blacks in Georgia and Florida and everyone else in between.

Even ole peg leg Duckworth is always ready with the wounded warrior card.

You lost a leg, you lost an eye, your black or you like a dick in the arse, who really gives two shits.

What are you going to do for your constituents?

If this is all it takes for you to vote for them, good God, we are in more trouble than I ever thought possible.

If you vote for someone, based on the fact that they have a cunt. I really cannot help you, you are already too far gone.

If this post offended you, perhaps remove yourself from the center of the universe.

“Say pop, that’s the sound of your head popping out of your ass”! Pull your head out of your ass and start using it for what it was intended for.


15 thoughts on “OMG, SNL Made Fun of a Wounded Warrior!!!

  1. I thought Navy Seals would be
    . . . amphibious.
    In Australia, fortunately, we don’t
    have ‘Mid Terms’. We elect a
    government, and then let them
    get on with it. But we don’t get
    to elect a leader. That is decided
    in a back room of power by the ‘faceless men’.

  2. I’m going to go in the other direction on this. I don’t think it’s the responsibility of the candidates to be the better person, it would be great if they did but it’s not their responsibility. I think a person can fairly use race, guns, gender, money, religion, hate, vets or anything else to get elected.

    We can easily replace all the derogatory words in this post with religious words and still have the same problem. For example many of the candidates that are running don’t tell me anything other than, “They love God”, which tells me nothing about what they are going to do for their constituents.

    I listened to several candidates talk about how much they love guns but nothing on what they are going to do for their constituents.

    Everyone is playing the exact same game so I’m not going to be shocked by black or gender people performing for the same nonsensical political crowds.

    It seems to me that the only issue we have is the voter. Shouldn’t someone running on religion, race, money, etc, be ignored by good honest critical thinking voters? If voters were being honest wouldn’t the two parties be bankrupt by now and long forgotten? The voter is the one demanding a nonsensical clown show from all parties. The voter is the one keeping us locked in a failed two party system. If you don’t have a black candidate then you have a religious candidate or a gun candidate, or a constitution candidate.

    Side note: What a joke it was watching all the constitution loving candidates on stage with Ron Paul unable to answer any questions on the constitution. I loved the fact that they had to keep looking to Ron to get an answer. (What a clown show)

    Voters decide what they want and people perform for them. If we don’t like the show then we need a better audience. I’m not going to heckle the performers.

    My question would be, “How do you make people want to be better citizens and care about the world they live in?

    Just a thought

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Awesome response Lander. To be honest I don’t think anyone wants better candidates. I don’t think anyone wants to be in control of their own lives.

  3. Lander7 makes a good point. It is the fault of the voters.
    Although I understand the candidates’ tactics, I do not approve of them, just like you, either.
    I try and block all of those “extras” when I vote.
    I do have people presuming that I vote for this, or that. It makes me sick when they argue their case based on what you wrote about. That’s exactly why this country is broken – people don’t think rationally.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Exactly Goldie. the left and the right are practically the same. two wings, same bird. The voters have more in common than they care to admit.

  4. *whew* I had a good laugh over that.

    I gave up voting. What? These are my choices? They will say anything to get elected (with the lifetime perks along the way) and then do as they please (or as their money-backers please). Dog & pony show… These people don’t “run” our gubment. They are mouthpieces for the ones that do. If you tilt the camera a bit, you can actually SEE Soros’ fist up HRC’s ass.

    “Meet the new boss…same as the old boss…”

    “…won’t get fooled again…”

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