What Do You Think About AR-15s?

When you hear the term “AR-15”, what comes to mind? “Assault Rifle” possibly? “Modern Sporting Rifle” maybe? AR-15s are all the rage today, that is if you get your firearm news and info from people who have practically no actual first hand experience and no interest in firearms all together.

Recently I saw a “60 Minutes” expose’ on the devastating effects of the AR-15. Truth be told, I am somewhat of a firearms connoisseur. I am not a collector, more or less, I am fascinated with firearms. From videos and magazines to entire books. I thoroughly enjoy learning about firearms of all sorts. I do not have enough money to be a collector so I am forced to admire from afar.

My fascination with firearms is as simple as a “watch collector”. Both operate via mechanics. Both can work flawlessly if they are taken care of for over 100-200 years. The craftsmanship that goes into designing and making a watch is the same that goes into making a firearm, any firearm for that matter. With that being said, every single firearm whether single shot or repeater must be “timed” correctly to operate. If the timing is off, the firearm will not operate and could cause catastrophic effects. So, like a watch, the inner workings of firearm must be in tune and in sync to operate as intended.

Did you know that every internal combustion engine must be timed properly as well?

Back to the AR-15. Did you know that the AR-15 is a platform and not a specific firearm? What I mean is, the AR-15 comes in a number of different chamberings (calibers), different lengths and different “twist rates”? The twist rate is the number of twists the rifling makes per inch. For example if a barrel is 20 inches long it could have 1 right hand twist every 12 inches (1/12 RH).

The twist rate will dictate what “grain” bullet will be stabilized during its flight. Meaning, bullets come in different weights. The twist rate also effects the bullets “velocity” (speed) and the “trajectory” of the bullet. This is the foundation of “ballistics”, meaning, how a certain bullet will perform under certain conditions. The current weather conditions, altitude and terrain. Wind speed, rain, sun, shooting from mountaintops, shooting over water, shooting in valleys and shooting in open plains and many more conditions all effect the “terminal ballistics” of every single bullet in the world.

The study of ballistics is the study of physics.

With all of that being said, the multitude of calibers that can be fired out of the AR-15 platform is huge.

(Link provided for a “Wikipedia” article listing some of the calibers):


This is not an all inclusive list, but it does provide some info on the different calibers.

Finally, let’s get into the video. First, they refer to the AR-15 as a caliber, not a platform. Next, they never say what caliber they are using for the “test”. Then, they never declare the caliber grain or the twist rate of the AR-15 bullets they are using for their test. When they compare the AR-15 “caliber to the 9mm, they fail to inform the viewer that the 9mm bullets they are using for the comparison are “full metal jacket”, and they do not inform the viewer of the barrel length for the 9mm. Also, it should be noted that if they used defensive rounds (hollow point) for the 9mm comparison, the wound canal would be much bigger and far more devastating. If you clicked on the Wikipedia link, you would see that the AR-15 can be chambered in 9mm also.

When it comes to ballistics, barrel length matters. The longer the barrel, the more velocity, the harder the bullet will dump energy onto the target. It is possible to have too long of a barrel though. If the barrel is too long, the performance of the bullet will be dismal. The bullet will not have enough energy, since it lost some of it’s energy traveling through the barrel.

With all that being said, and I could go on. When you watch this video, ask yourself “Why are they avoiding all of this pertinent information”? Why do they need to legitimize this obvious fraud by bringing in a “Green Beret”?

Never underestimate the need to misinform and distribute propaganda. The paraphernalia they are peddling, is how they convince us to give up our rights. Without a door being kicked in, without a shot being fired and without legitimate court and legislative proceedings.

For those of you who read this entire post, thank you. I know it was a long one, but I think it is important that if anyone wants to limit our rights, all of our rights, then we must know the facts. Instead of a 7 minute video, that glazes over how a firearm works and the differences.


23 thoughts on “What Do You Think About AR-15s?

  1. Let me start by saying I did not watch the video. I know you’re already aware that I don’t like guns. That being said I thought your piece was extremely informative, even a bit fascinating.

    I especially liked the watch analogy too, it gave ignorant people like me, well, ignorant about guns, that is…A simple basis with which to attempt to compare and understand someone else’s love and admiration for a thing they themselves don’t admire.

    Thank you, 007. Really good piece.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Thanks for reading Rakkelle, I know it was a long piece.

      Exactly, to each their own. I respect your stance, I respect it even more that you acknowledge mine.

      People appreciate different things for different reasons. Watching a great basketball player shoot consistent 3 pointers, is also quite amazing and entertaining. Understanding the work and the research that they put into honing their skill is just as exciting for me when I watch a person shoot a target at over a mile away.

      The basketball player understands the physics it takes to make the ball go where they want it to go. The same is true with precision shooters.

      I find it very interesting to watch anyone do something with accuracy and precision.

      When we make something evil just because we don’t understand it. We also make it easier for those who appreciate and enjoy what we don’t understand to be against us. Since they don’t care to take the time to learn or admire the discipline it takes.

  2. I’s a rifle with some extra goodies to make it functional in tactical situations. I’ll take the Remington 870 with some buckshot for defense. 60 Minutes is a reliable source for distorted information

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      I still enjoy 60 minutes to be honest. I don’t believe them whenever their mouths are moving, but it is light entertainment anyway. Kinda like an Elvis movie.

      To each their own in regards to firearm of choice.

      When Eugene Stoner developed the AR-15, it was intended for hunting and sporting. The platform is over 60 years old actually. The AR-15 was around for 10-15 years before it was adopted by the U.S. military.

      1. Armalite! They are pretty scary looking to those that know nothing of firearms.

        I have been around weapons my entire life. They scare me not…unless someone has a loaded one pointed at me & I know there is definitely one in the pipe (or, I heard the trigger being pulled back). But, that has never happened.

        My buddy Ray retired from the Navy as a Gunner’s Mate & was attached to the Seabees for a while. My VN vet is a retired cop & my family was in LE…and, I think you already know that I worked in LE, myself. You may not know that I am the ex-wife of a Marine Corps Master Sergeant…?

        I have my own fascination with the beauty of the machinery & design. Your watch comparison was brilliant. I love clocks, esp. wooden ones with weights & Grandfathers.

        I have several weapons & I tend lean towards older, classic things. My gift for my 16th was a S&W model 36 Chief. My VN vet has a thing for Colt Pythons (which are now very expensive thanks to The Walking Dead). He & my father, both, have talked about “M1 thumb”. And, yes…I know the distinction between a “clip” & a “magazine”.

        ARs are OK. I would have more interest in a “Circuit Judge” or a “Sharps Shiloh”. But, that’s just me.

        Fave company:

        Attempted my first CCP with a CZ75 .40. Kept jamming. Instructor handed me his .40 Glock. I finished and he field dressed my thumb. I hate Glocks…all calibers. No matter what, they bust open my thumb joint.

        I had to laugh about the 60 Minutes/Elvis remark. Good call! And, excellent post for info. YOU, my friend, sound just like a sniper…

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          Wow, Victoria, quite impressive indeed. If you recall from our very first conversation, you informed me of your lying cheating ex, and his career in the Marines. I believe we were speaking about females in the infantry.

          I any regard, thank you for the compliment.

          Glock’s, the Toyota corolla of the gun world. It seems they work every time.

          I’m just trying to be neighborly when it comes to the facts.

          1. Ah. So I did. I can’t remember how many convos I have had over the last, oh, 7 1/2 years regarding my ex “kill a fly with a bazooka” asshole. Sorry for the re-visit/repeat.

            I think I would rather have the Corolla. I’ve had discussions with local cops over the years & they virtually said the same thing as my first instructor (guy by the name of Mike Dunn…met him thru my former Texas Land Commissioner, Jerry Patterson). Oddly enough, women don’t do well with Glocks…this coming from various officers & Dunn’s remark, as he was bandaging me, “My wife doesn’t like my Glock, either. Did the same thing to her.” I keep hearing this. They may be sturdy but, they aren’t necessarily user friendly to all. Ick.

            It is good to be neighborly!

              1. Don’t thank me too much. I was never sworn. I’ve been sworn at but, not sworn. They only times I have worn a uniform was marching band & Driver’s License. But, that being said, I was a grandfathered state employee and could ride with my Officers & Inspectors. Rolled up on accidents, been thru a median sideways in a chase, drunk driving arrest, rode 2nd shift with one of my Process Officers, had handcuffed perps in my office… One of my VN vet Inspectors had a guy convinced that I was a black belt in three different styles and if he turned around (I was in the backseat), I would snap his neck & would never see me coming. He didn’t move. Heh.

                I didn’t see much action with the Norfolk Sheriff’s Office…just a lot of pre-trial perps. No road trips.

                It was an interesting life. But, I have never had the power of arrest.

  3. Anonymous

    What i find interesting about the gun debate is that no one ever brings up the fact that .22s kill more people every year than any other caliber bullet. Also more people die of heart disease and opiates and car accidents. But we need more gun laws, or everyone needs to have a gun, depending on who you ask. I personally think if there was more training and factual information out there, and detailed un-politicized reporting was done after every mass shooting, maybe there could be an honest conversation. But we both know you’re right, and it’s much easier to politicize guns one way or another than to think objectively on the matter.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment. It’s all politics, thats the problem. It’s the only right that is constantly dangled in front of us, by the same people who have private security. Guns aren’t the problem, just as swords, knives and bows and arrows aren’t the problem. They highlight mass shootings and ignore everyday murders in Baltimore, Chicago, Philadelphia, Houston, Phoenix, etc. etc. etc.

      1. Yeah, I know. John Howard used the Port Arthur Massacre as an excuse for gun control. Of course, the evidence that that event was a false flag set up (probably by Howard or his government) just makes it even more sinister.

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          Exactly, now the people of Australia are practically defenseless. From criminality and from their own government.

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