Propaganda and Paraphernalia

When does something become propaganda or paraphernalia? It usually depends on what side you are currently on.

The ability to label anything as propaganda or paraphernalia, usually leads to more division and disgust.


(Is this image considered “Drug Paraphernalia”?)

What constitutes either propaganda or paraphernalia?

Words and language are weaponized and have been weaponized since the dawn of time. America is the first and only nation in the entire world that recognized that words and language must be free.

Blame guns, blame speech, blame misinformation, blame surveillance. The Freedom of Speech is the is the only counter to propaganda, limit speech, propaganda wins.

Paraphernalia in the hands of the “professional”, immediately becomes legitimate.

Paraphernalia in the hands of the “layperson”, immediately becomes illegal.

Which side are you on, propaganda and paraphernalia? Or, Freedom and Independence?

The more you resist me, the easier it becomes for me to resist you.

Propaganda and paraphernalia, I must allow the individual to decide for themselves, if I desire to retain my freedom to choose as well.

Isn’t it funny that the “Civil Rights Participants and the Feminists” of the 1960s up until today, claim that “we” haven’t done enough? They have been at the helm for decades, yet nothing has gotten better according to them. Perhaps, the problems they speak of, are not reality.

They are and have been “The Man”, that they blame everything on, for generations.


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