No Matter the Color of Crayon, it’ll Still Color

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The Optics of “Diversity”

What is with all of this speak concerning a certain aspect of “diversity”? What is the purpose behind driving the simple glance of diversity? Is diversity dictated by the color of a person’s skin, the reproductive organs between their legs or the garb that they desire to cover themselves in? If this is your definition of diversity then, apparently you subscribe to the ideology of stereotypes. I can understand and appreciate the goal of attaining true diversity, not only to capture and hopefully mirror the ideas and cultures of everyone, its good business if you can truly exude that type of appeal. But why is looking at a photo and counting the numbers of different colors or sexes apparently the only surface diversity that is championed?

Again, are we that simple or are each and every one of us different and unique? Are we individuals, do we decide for ourselves, or do we follow the dictated trends of others and allow them to tell us what we should think, eat and accept? If your friends are jumping off of a bridge, do you follow them? Are we judged by our actions and character or are we constantly discriminated based on the certain boxes we check? Discrimination can get your both hired and fired, if we are to be discriminated based on stereotypes, what will the fate of our complex individuality be for our future and the future of our children? The far right and the far left is the exact same, both want us to wipe the other out of existence. We must find a way to quasi harmony if we are to secure the future for our kin.

Answer for yourself, is this accurate? Please comment if you are so inclined, the more we speak, the more power we bring to ourselves. Communication, don’t allow simple aspects or opposing opinions dictate what you believe or who you will attempt to reach.

A picture is worth a thousand words, but usually the story behind the picture is even more entertaining and beautiful.

If every election has the possibility of being a “First”, what have you been doing with your life up until this point?


5 thoughts on “No Matter the Color of Crayon, it’ll Still Color

  1. Some of what is labelled “far right” – such as the Nazis – are actually far left. There are, of course, some definitely right-wing figures (whose policies I generally support – such as Brazil’s recently elected president) who have some questionable policies (I’m being polite – LOL).

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      The thing I’ve been learning is the left and the right are the same in my opinion. Both want power and both are practically willing to do anything to get it. Two wings, same bird.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      That’s the way I see it JM. Why would anyone think that one person is the ambassador of anything outside of themselves.

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