Caravan Conundrum

The immigration laws in America have been criminalized for decades. Wasn’t it Reagan that allowed thousands of migrants into the U.S. (Scarface)? Reagan was a FRAUD! How many H-1B VISAs are granted every day (you gotta make the right donations to the party). Remember “Schindler’s List”?

Immigration is a total scam. We are not a nation of immigrants, besides, immigration is a relatively new term (within the last 150 years or so). Immigration didn’t exist when the colonies were established, therefore we are not a nation of immigrants.

The problem with the caravan and immigration is simple. Taxes, we pay too much, for practically nothing in return. Every state capital, all 50 of them, have horrible crime rates, not because of the populace in those cities. Because of the politicians who inhabit those capitals.

Those who want the immigrants to come to America cannot simply sponsor a few. Because our own government steals too much from each of us. The immigration laws cater to the donor class. The immigration debacle is manufactured for elections, it is designed to create “heroes” out of dirty politicians.


8 thoughts on “Caravan Conundrum

      1. Some moderate Republicans have dishonestly claimed that it was Reagan in order to get conservative support for unchecked immigration. I read an article about it on Refugee Resettlement Watch.

      1. Not entirely sure. He was sworn in the first time when I was 14. His Administration was the one that kept messing with the drinking age. When I turned 18, it had been moved to 19. When I turned 19, it had moved to 21. I always had a problem with that. If a man/woman can sign a contract to die for the country, they damn well should be able to drink. Stupid. Has the raised age stopped underage drinking or drunk driving? Nope. Can’t legislate behavior…

        Ronnie was a Hellyweird darling. But, I can only guess that he gets a pass because he wasn’t the one running the country, actually. Hinckley was a warning & a false flag.

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