The Subdivision Disproves the Concept of Racism

Is there a single homogeneous subdivision in America? The subdivision is the mirror image of America. A large swath of land, that people inhabit. The community is comprised of individuals and families from all walks of life. Crime happens in a subdivision. At the same time, the people who live in the subdivision also have doors and locks.

It’s easy to walk or ride through a subdivision and see children playing, people doing yard work and working on their homes and vehicles. But you never get a glimpse inside. From the outside it could seem peaceful or chaotic, never both at the same time.

Why do people move to a subdivision? Perhaps they relocated for a new job, maybe they have saved for years to afford a single family home or maybe they move so their kids can be in a better school. Regardless of the reason, people move to achieve. Moving is a huge pain in the ass, the boxes the days or weeks it could take until it’s done. The money spent on moving is also expensive.

When you move homes, you do so for a better life, better job more opportunity. You check the crime rates, the school ratings and the taxes that apply to that zone. You may also check the demographics. Regardless of everything you’ve checked, when does racism get checked? It rarely does.

Why is that you may ask? Because, if folks were worried about racism, they would never leave their parents home. If racism was a massive problem, our country would be divided homogeneously. Instead, people look at how good the schools are, how many opportunities exist, what the crime rate is and how much they will pay in taxes.

There is no such thing as a black subdivision, there is no such thing as a white subdivision. A completely Christian subdivision doesn’t exist. There are no Muslim subdivisions. There are many different languages in the subdivision, many different cultures as well. The automobiles are different just as the toys are.

If racism was real, the subdivision wouldn’t exist.


3 thoughts on “The Subdivision Disproves the Concept of Racism

  1. The whole racism narrative is a fraud. Have you seen the Aussie Left’s reaction to a recent motion in parliament declaring “It’s OK to be white” and condemning the deplorable rise in anti-white racism? They keep carrying on as if it’s “white supremacist” to declare it’s OK to be white – although I’m sure it’s perfectly acceptable to declare “It’s OK to be black”.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      I haven’t heard that. I think that this just goes to show how great it is in our two countries. That the only thing left for them to whine about is “racism”.

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