Jim Crow 2.0

“MAGA not allowed”.

“Racists not allowed”.

“Trump and his supporters not allowed”.

“Not in my school, not in my restaurant not in my city”.

“I don’t want my kids exposed to republicans”.

“I don’t feel safe hearing any conservative talking”.

“How are my kids supposed to look up to a President Trump”?

“He’s a bully”.

“He’s so fat and disgusting”.

“Trump is a dotard”.

“The clown in chief”.

“Trump is a sexist”.

“Trump is a racist”.

And here I thought the left was anti bully.

If you cannot open your heart to what you think a bully is, why should they embrace you?

If hijabs are allowed, why aren’t MAGA hats allowed?

If I am not worth your time, why should you be worth mine?

If you will not listen to what I have to say, why should I listen to you?

Now we’re back to name calling and bullying. Hmmm, how did we get here again?


30 thoughts on “Jim Crow 2.0

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      What does a bully do though? Does a bully silence those whom they bully through threats and intimidation? Does a bully make fun of others whom they disagree with? Does a bully make others feel uncomfortable, like they don’t belong, like their opinions and thoughts are not allowed?

      It’s seems that all of this “anti-bullying” campaigns and other things only enable more bullies. To tell those who do not share the same views that they need to be quiet and do what they are told?

      If you don’t want your kids sharing a bathroom with other kids of different sexes, yet you are told you are a bigot. Is that not bullying others into conformity?

      If you do not want to be assaulted, don’t express yourself by wearing a MAGA hat? Is that the message of a bully? That only certain clothing is allowed? That only certain views and certain speech is allowed.

      If a white person is not allowed to say nigger, but a black person is, who is being limited?

      Is a white person allowed to sing along with every word of their favorite song? Or are they expected to censor themselves, unless they be discovered repeating every lyric?

      Then again, maybe I’m wrong. It just seems that as time progresses, we hate each other more and more. Why?

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      I’ve heard that the Bible is a mirror not a window. Every time to you read the Bible, you will discover something new. Depending on where you are at in life, the word of God will touch you. If God speaks to you will you hear him? If you cannot understand the words of God, you may already be deaf to what he is saying.

      We are our own worst enemy. The more that is mixed in the greater the animosity becomes.

      1. Mostly because the media says so. Obama stated many times that he & his followers were going to change America “fundamentally”. They tried. They weren’t entirely successful and now that the pendulum has swung in the other direction, the freak out has started.

        What is going on now has been planned for years. Everything always points back to the same thing…NWO. Hats & Hijabs are just symptoms.

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          Wear whatever you want. It has no effect on me directly, hijabs or MAGA hats. It just seems that it’s open season on anyone wearing a MAGA hat, whereas the hijab has already been plagued with false reporting of crimes. The hijab demands that hate crimes be filed against its abusers, yet the MAGA hat, apparently the wearer is asking for it.

          I wonder if that rings any bells? “She was asking for it dressed like that”. Hmmm, they cannot seem to get out of their own way.

          1. There is a concerted effort to steer public opinion is all I am pointing out. You keep asking why this happening. Because someone wants it to happen…or many someones.

            Hear about Chris Farrell with Judicial Watch being banned from Fox News/Business News because he dared mention the caravan was being funded thru the State Dept. via Soros? FOX, now…not CNN, not MSNBC…FOX. A Judicial Watch member… I’d be willing to bet that Tom Fitton is getting ready to lose it.

            This is all being done on purpose. And, so many are falling for this nonsense (no reflection on you…)

            1. bottomlesscoffee007

              That is why I am asking. To hear what others see and say. I know why, but I must ask to attempt to point out the idiocy, hopefully reaching someone. Hoping these things we see and experience will maybe spread, like the plague. Help others to open their eyes, their minds and their hearts.

              Others helped me, that is what I attempt. To pay it forward. To allow others to make up their own mind and heart. In their own time. Meanwhile, our words can help many more.

              Then again, I may be just spinning my wheels. An exercise in insanity. Attempting sanity in an insane world, is almost worse.

  1. Ironic I should read this as I saw on the news this morning that Pittsburgh is saying that Trump is a ‘purveyor of hate speech’ and is not welcome there.
    How idiotic can you get?

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