Have You Noticed, Throughout Time, the Socialists Have Been Slowly Raising the Numbers?

Today, socialists are out there talking about “Billionaires”. Just a few years ago, they were talking about “Millionaires”. Have you ever asked yourself, why do they continue to ascend? Why yesterday was “Millionaires”, and today it’s “Billionaires”?

Could it be that today more Americans are wealthier than their parents were at the same age? Could it be that more people today have more income than they did, say 20-30 years ago?

If the target of the socialists is only the “Billionaires”, I wonder. I wonder if it is because there are less “Billionaires” than there are “Millionaires”, wouldn’t that mean that there are more “Millionaires” today than there were 20-30 years ago?

People today have more money and more income than they ever had in the past. Just because they lack proper money management, doesn’t mean that there are more poor people today than yesterday.

It’s “Billionaires” today, will tomorrow be “Trillionaires”?

Just because the television and the radio and the internet and the education system tells us we are all poor, does that mean it’s true?

I believe it was President Abraham Lincoln who said:

“Don’t believe everything you read on the internet”.


16 thoughts on “Have You Noticed, Throughout Time, the Socialists Have Been Slowly Raising the Numbers?

  1. People, in general, don’t have more money today than their parents/previous generation. With our dollar worth about $.10, now, there are places in the US, and Canada too, where $50,000 a year salary are the poverty line, now…not family…personal.

    My parents & grandparents were better off than I am. They got the SS that will be gone when it’s my turn. My father, 1972, could afford a new house & two new cars on a little less than $10,000 a year. Minimum wage was $1.60. 2018 equivalent? $9.60 an hour. It is still $7.50. Our home was $16,500. Houses, now, are, average, $380,000, roughly. The proposed $15 an hour won’t cover that home price…much less that & two new cars.

    I and everyone has been screwed, financially, twice…1933 & 1973.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      At the same time, interest rates were much higher back then though. Fewer people used credit on a daily basis. Money went much farther back then, at the same time, I think more saved for what they bought. Rather than getting strung out on credit. The majority of households are probably two income today, versus back then, when the majority was a one income household.

      Sure, the dollar has gone down in value, and things cost more today than yesterday. However, frivolous spending is continually on the rise today, vs yesterday.

      SS is a whole nother ball of bullshit on it’s own.

      Who doesn’t finance a smartphone these days? Vacations are viewed as a right or earned, no longer a privilege. Amazon stock continues to rise and eating out has become a mainstay for families too exhausted to cook for themselves on a daily basis, since everyone is working longer and longer and longer. Children go to early morning daycare at school and head to after school care until late in the evening.

      The insanity of it all, is we do it day in and day out. Attempting to carve out a small something for ourselves. When we get a small amount of extra cash, we spend it, never investing in ourselves.

      Savings accounts are laughable at the interest they accrue. And the stock market is just as deadly as Vegas.

      We have no escape. Day in day out, 365 days a year. We rush the sales on Black Friday, only to employ more Chinese. Christmases have gotten grander and grander. Our homes are filled to the brim with stuff. We cannot have an empty room, we must fill it with overpriced furniture, that can be had at lower and lower interest rates.

      So, one day someone comes along and promises to wipe our slate clean. All we must do is blame our problems on a stranger that has a “better house and nicer car” than we do.

      “Operation Mayhem” never works. It only enables more mayhem, since people are no longer held accountable for their decisions.

      The war on poverty has kept more people poor. Your money may not go farther today, and you may even have less. It doesn’t negate the fact that you do what you do, for your own reasons.

      The poorest among us remain richer than the truly impoverished. Our floors are not dirt and WiFi connections abound.

      1. Cliff

        Savings rates….you are so right, BC, but you are missing a couple things.

        When we bought our first house, I was appalled at the fact that over 30 years, we were going to pay twice what our home was worth. Where was the guarantee that my home would double in value over 30 years? There was none, but the bank was sure as hell going to get that money if I was only able to make my payment for the next 360 months. Then I looked at historical APR, and felt relieved! It took me a day or two to figure out how bad we (homeowners) take it in the ass by these bankers. They dangled 3.5% loan in our faces, on money they got for free from the government, WTF?!?!?! Then, they turn our savings rates to 1.25% (if you went to an online bank). WTF?!?!?!?! I have to pay to pull my money out of an ATM, because my bank inconveniences me by reducing the number of brick and mortar locations so that they can maximize profits. WTF?!?!?!

        Look at historical CD rates, and you’ll see that our parents’ savings were earning 12%/year. I used ~1985 for my numbers, but you’ll see that a CD was earning pretty damn close to what a mortgage rate was. What happened? Banks got greedy. But not only the banks. Anyone that deals with money, is getting rich AF (as millennials say). I think that is why the Socialists are bringing up Billionaires. It is a level of wealth that few Americans have achieved, but it is a level of wealth that has increased drastically compared to the income of people whose backs have been broken to make those people ‘Billionaires.’

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          Yeah Cliff, I see what your saying. About 13 years ago my wife and I jumped on a 4 year CD with an interest rate of around 5% (which was massive in those days LOL).

          The problem that I see with the socialist message is that it forces those who do not want socialism into conformity and servitude. That is why I have said in the past that those who champion socialism themselves, will never be willing to give up more than they are comfortable with. Yet that’s what they want the rest of us to do for them. We are already taxed and regulated beyond reason by criminals whom we elect. Our wants and desires are no longer lifetime achievements, since the federal reserve makes it easier and easier for businesses to offer incredibly low or no interest rates, without ever lowering the “out the door” cost.

          We not only finance the cost, but the sales tax as well. We are enslaved to the creditors, which means we can never lose our jobs, which means we can never be free to express ourselves, which means we become further and further from who we know we truly are. We cannot speak our minds in public, the outrage and backlash would cost us our jobs, the “repo men” would come to collect, since we have defaulted on our credit. Our digital footprint keeps employers at bay, since their career and their companies may be boycotted. The compounding problem with debt.

          We never cease in our insane obsession with maintaining our mediocrity. We must keep up with the “Jones’s, at least, that’s what we think.

          You are so damn on it with the “dangling of low interest rates”. We just continue to fall for it every time.

          The more we demand from others without holding ourselves accountable, the more the problem will persist, the more we will be bamboozled into willfully electing false prophets. Their only desire is to get richer off of the taxes they impose on us.

          I use we when I mean me, I use us when I mean I. The pronouns I use are not personal and I do not mean to project as I hold myself accountable as well.

          Then again, I could be totally wrong.

          1. Socialists…humpf…they preach sharing & equality… What they really want is for everyone else to take the plunge and support a model that only looks good on paper. They want to be rich big shots just like the capitalists they rail against. “We want you to participate in our wonderful idea. We will manage it.” Uh-huh.

            My last name is Jones. My dad always had a saying regarding the “having it all” mentality:
            “I don’t need to run with the Joneses. I are one.”

            1. bottomlesscoffee007

              There ya go Victoria, you’re already ahead of me with you’re namesake. Too bad the brokers and the comptrollers don’t see it that way. With that being said, the auditor is waiting in hiding up ahead, he’ll cut us off at the crossroads!

              A young boy in overalls wearing no shoes sitting on his porch, holding a shotgun. A man dressed in a suit walks up to the boy. The boy says the following:
              “You from the bank? Pa told me to shoot anyone from the bank”!

              1. Yep. And, that reminds me. My grandmother…when I said she helped build her own house, I wasn’t kidding. It was cinderblock and she paid as she went. One room. Two rooms. Three rooms. Outhouse. She helped roof. She helped lay floors. My mother was born in 1947 and she didn’t get indoor plumbing until she was a young teen. That house never had a mortgage. Only family lived in it. When the property was sold, the house was torn down by the company that purchased it (property was adjacent to a retirement community…my mom & uncles made some money). That is the home I spent my early, formative years. Still miss it…

      2. Oh…SS is a pyramid-shaped shit heap, no doubt. I was just referring to what they had as an advantage. My maternal grandmother would have been starving without it. She was mostly a stay-at-home mom, helping to build her own house, raise 5 kids, run a chicken farm (gone by the time I came along) & my grandfather left her without a pension. She did get his SS since his was much larger than hers. For that, SS served a purpose. She came from poor tobacco farmers. Those people didn’t know anything about investments & money management. They lived hand to mouth.

        The “instant gratification” society has filled many a home from ceiling to floor. I have a paternal uncle…he & his wife have a house FULL of crap. They hide it well but, don’t open any closets… I remember the days of layaway. Then, the flood of credit came in the 90s.

        You know, if I could have my old flip phone back…

        I don’t do Christmas.

        And, you are correct…the insanity of it all…installed & constructed without our consent.

  2. The Left’s war on rich people is ridiculous. Australia’s left-wing Opposition Leader, Bill Shorten, is a perfect example. His war on the rich is probably more prominent than the Democrats’ one.

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