If There Was No Social Security, There Would be No Need for Voter ID

If there was no social security or any other government assistance programs, there would be no need for voter identification. The only requirement for government identification is for tax purposes. A government identification is a way to prove legitimacy and to collect benefits either today or later on in life.

The taxes we pay are illegitimate. Social Security is a total Ponzi scheme, you pay into it, yet you never know if you will ever get it. Get rid of taxes, refund everyone their social security, voter identification suddenly becomes irrelevant.


10 thoughts on “If There Was No Social Security, There Would be No Need for Voter ID

      1. If we did away with social security etc. Think of all those ‘hard worked’ government employees. The sad thing is you could literally half that workforce and still no one would be overworked

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          Exactly, every election cycle social security is brought up, yet no one is allowed to simply “opt out”.

          As far as government employees, we are already to over regulated and over enforced with laws, that no one cares about until someone comes along and enforces them (the last debacle at the border of separating families).

          As far as the government employees, they could easily cross over if their sector becomes privatized. That is, if they want to remain competitive!!!

  1. Hm…SS… Thank you, FDR…you putz.

    From King George on up, hands in your back pocket. Shame we can’t roll this big bitch back to the Articles of Confederation.

    I must say, however, that Trumps tariff madness does resemble business in the 1800s.

    I tease Ken about him looking after me since SS won’t be around when I get there.

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