Believe Women, Regardless of the Proof?

What happens when you are forced to believe all women? What happens when proof is not required? How many more boys and men will be ruined?

When guilt is assigned, its only a matter of time, until you will be prosecuted.

This young boy will be forever scarred, the trauma that was inflicted, will never leave him.

This has nothing to do with race, yet thats how they will spin it. How much do you want to bet that the “lady” identifies as liberal, probably socialist, a feminist and tells everyone to #believeallwomen?

Really, she was just “speaking her truth”!!!


8 thoughts on “Believe Women, Regardless of the Proof?

  1. I saw that. I see another candidate for face punching.

    If I KNOW someone, personally…I mean, really know who they are…and they don’t lie, I would believe them. I tell all my friends “I will believe anything you tell me until you give me a reason not to.”

    Past that, I hold everything else as questionable.

  2. There will always be people crying crocodile tears and being “victims”. Being strong used to be a thing, now it’s all about being the victim. Or a “survivor”… of catcalling. Please.

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