Americans Have Too Many Rights

This is not my sentiment, it is the sentiment of the extremes though. With Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court, a fight is brewing over abortion, the cost of the decision may be too much for some to bear. You can’t have your cake and eat it to. Republicans and Democrats both will readily and happily create more laws and regulations against America, against Americans and against the 2ND Amendment.

You can keep your guns, as long as abortion is upheld. This means, no new legislation can occur. In order to overturn Roe vs. Wade, more “conservative” judges and representatives must be appointed and elected over democrats. Only once that takes place will Roe vs. Wade be re-litigated, and the population will be witness to the savagery that is abortion. Once abortion becomes illegal, more republicans will be elected and re-elected.

Our government will become bright red with a few specks of blue or green sparsely and strategically placed. The far left and the far right are the same, any dominant party will collapse the entire structure, the process will be obliterated. Once the republicans realize they have a monopoly on the populace, gun control will be furthered. The American government wants control over its citizens, the first step is always to disarm the population. The second step is to sedate the population (legalized marijuana).

On the other hand, if the dems sweep the midterms and get the next president in 2020, abortion will be upheld and become a law, guns will be outlawed immediately. The dems will also limit speech and imprison more Americans, only to maintain their control.

You can’t keep your guns and ban abortion. Those who create and debate law and court precedent do not answer to us. We no longer control our own government, we haven’t for the last 80 years.

What’s more important to you, the 2ND Amendment or the lives of babies? You cannot have both, you will be made to choose. This discussion is already taking place, it’s only a matter of time before those conversations are leaked.

Keep your guns, babies die.

Babies live, we are unarmed.

With every new law and piece of legislation or regulation, our rights become that much smaller. A new right is never passed or announced. Laws are created and signed behind closed doors late into the night.

They tell us, we must give something up, in order to get something new.

Abortion or guns, the choice is yours?


4 thoughts on “Americans Have Too Many Rights

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Eat babies, you’re not the first person to say that. I hope so too, I just don’t trust em farther than I can throw em.

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          Ha, I had to go back and check to make sure that wasn’t what I wrote. That however is an aspect I appreciate when people read my posts. Their interpretation is always something I look forward to hearing.

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