Remember When Republicans Sold Out? Trump is About to Commit the Same!

Did you know that then President Nixon wanted to ban handguns? That then President Nixon helped to found and establish the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (ATF).

Remember when the “saint” then President Reagan signed into law the Gun Control Act of 1986? It was his second term, so his “give a shit” was basically gone. After Reagan, we were “blessed” with the dud H.W. Bush, he helped to pave the way for the infamous Brady Bill.

President Trump wants to ban “bump stocks” via executive order. President Trump wants to enact more gun control.

There needs to be balance in the House and the Senate. A “red” wave will only solidify his ability to punish more law abiding Americans. A healthy mix of left and right is the only way to ensure the government works for all of us.

How many out there are so blinded by Trump that they are willing to sellout their own families and neighbors?

– Nixon was a crook

– Reagan was a fraud

– Trump may be the biggest let down of all

Do you trust the Department of Justice? Do you think they trust you?


19 thoughts on “Remember When Republicans Sold Out? Trump is About to Commit the Same!

  1. benjamindallas554

    Does anyone really care about bump stocks, one way or the other? I’m not sure what accessories have to do with the 2nd amendment, but to each their own… The NRA apparently doesn’t care much about bump stocks either, as they already said they wouldn’t fight it. So far, the only thing that Trump has actually done was expand our rights for concealed carry across state lines… Before Trump, I don’t remember any politicians suggesting that we have more School Resource Officers (SRO’s) in schools, to prevent shootings. In fact he even wants to help fund, incentivize and expand the program… He’s also mentioned allowing all active duty military to be able to conceal carry. The only pro “gun control” idea I’ve ever heard him mention, is strengthening background checks, which is kinda vague and could mean just about anything really.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      That’s the problem though, instead of rolling back gun control it just continues to pile on what has already been established. Gun control doesn’t work. More laws only punish and limit law abiding Americans.

      Why blame the stock for the criminal? There is no reason to ban bump stocks just as there is no reason to ban drug paraphernalia. Inanimate objects don’t break laws, people do.

      Americans have already been penalized for firearms too much.

      The reciprocity act that you reference, I don’t think it has been passed yet. I don’t think it will ever be passed for that matter. It would be perfect, but our representatives would never allow us that much freedom of maneuver. Just like term limits, National reciprocity is another fantasy they will never pass.

      1. benjamindallas554

        I disagree with your premise that banning a useless accessory (such as a bump stock), counts as any form of gun control. As far as Trump limiting any 2nd amendment rights goes, I’m not sure how expanding concealed carry rights (as he already did) fits into that category.

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          I could be completely wrong, with that being said. My issue with banning accessories is due to the model that many states have already taken. California and other states have banned pistol grips and flash hiders, collapsible buttstocks, barrel shrouds, magazines, magazine releases and many other accessories. The first step is always the accessories. Ultimately they make it harder and harder for law abiding citizen to own their own property.

          Before you know it, the entire gun has been banned. Not to mention declaring minimum trigger weights.

          The reciprocity Act hasn’t passed yet, if it did, please link it. That would be something worth spreading around.

          I can understand your point, not caring about bump stocks. This will probably have zero effect on you.

          It does have the potential to criminalize more innocent Americans that haven’t committed a single crime though.

  2. Nixon didn’t create the ATF:

    You get the web archive because the ATF has removed its own history from its active website.

    The present day ATF has a LONG history. It all started with Washington’s ‘spirit tax’…

    And, regarding bump stocks…IDGAF. No, we don’t need more laws. We are drowning in paper, already. Obamacare, alone, is enough paper to build a house. Anti-gunners always find something to bitch about so…give them something. Even dumbass Clinton’s “assault weapons” ban expired. Do you hear the anti-gunners screaming for his head? Nope. All a game.

    The 2nd Amendment isn’t going anywhere. That one thing right there is what holds this nation together. That is the one Amendment that, if removed, would destroy this country. So…they go after the 1st.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      You could be right, I just don’t trust any of them. Nixon was the president that signed the paperwork to make them their own legitimate law enforcement agency.

      1. And, “W” moved them out from under the Dept. of the Treasury and under the Dept. of Justice with his Homeland Security Act in 2002. He turned them into a worse police force and pulled out their federal tax revenue collection duties, creating ‘another’ bureaucracy…Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau…that remains under the Treasury. If they aren’t collecting revenue, anymore, they are, effectively, ‘gun & bomb’ cops thanks to “W”. Maybe THEY should be investigation HRC since the FBI can’t seem to…

        This crap just divides and divides and divides like viruses.

          1. Yep. And, I used the wrong form of ‘investigate’. Can’t blame that on my stupidphone. I was on my computer. I will, however, blame it on ‘wee hours of the morning’. 😳😬

  3. Hmm. Trump doesn’t seem to have gone for full gun control like the left wants (they actually criticised him for his soft stance), and did back down over his supportive gun control stance. But, he shouldn’t do the “soft stuff” either.
    As for “A ‘red’ wave will only solidify his ability to punish more law abiding Americans. A healthy mix of left and right is the only way to ensure the government works for all of us.” – the Democrats are pushing more strongly for more gun control. And I don’t believe in giving the Left an inch – at least as far as my vote is concerned (although I’m in Australia).

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Yeah man, you cannot grant any person too much power or authority. As history has shown time and time again, eventually the guillotine comes for the inventor

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          Yep, what goes around comes around. The enemy of my enemy is my friend is the fault. It spells certain doom for all involved.

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