Heroin is More Socially Acceptable than Cigarettes

It is more socially acceptable these days to shoot heroin than it is to smoke cigarettes. Cities are actually spending tax payer money to create safe spaces for heroine addicts, places where they can “shoot up” in peace and safety.

The opium dens of the old west are back in the new west. The Chinamen are no longer running them though. Addiction is coming to your neck of the woods in many forms. Opiates from the health insurance dealers, legal weed and beer and wine connoisseurs abound.

Meanwhile, soda is being outlawed and fast food chains now publish their “nutritional” information.

Do what you want on your own time, but once “universal health care” becomes law. You may be jonesing and you will never get your fix, unless the state prescribes it.

Burning Man is now patrolled and promoted by the state!

Remember when Pinocchio turned into an ass?


14 thoughts on “Heroin is More Socially Acceptable than Cigarettes

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Yeah, I could be wrong, but it seems like cities and society is welcoming heroin addicts with open arms. Meanwhile, smokers are being told to go away!!!

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Like most people. Yet the more dangerous is supported by the governments that want us enslaved and sedated.

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