Since The Old Testament, Nothing Much Has Changed

Genesis, the beginning, the Old Testament. When the Israelites were beginning, your were either an Israelite or you were nothing. If you were nothing, you didn’t matter. You’re worth was dependent on your family, your blood. Today Royalty is determined in the same fashion. Royalty due to family or royalty due to circumstance. The more you can prove your bloodline of victimhood, the greater your chances of pity.

Pity is profitable, pity is monetarily rewarded. Pity, above all is desired. If only the royals and the victims matter, what happens to everyone else in the middle? The middle class let’s say. You no longer matter, your blood is inconsequential.

Royalty continues to be determined by blood and ancestors.

The Old Testament remains the indicator of behavior. Stagnation, not evolution.


4 thoughts on “Since The Old Testament, Nothing Much Has Changed

  1. Such a clever post. I still don’t know how pity can be treated as a badge of honor. Oh, how we have fallen. But, if it brings profit, then I guess kudos to them for abusing the system, which I refuse to?

    Humans have always depended on being in different casts. We need to have someone worse than us to make ourselves feel better.

    But you are right, the middle is like the purgatory. No one seems to care about it. No one shows love.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      And the middle class, the middle people, the regular people continue to work and provide for their own all while being exploited and slowly enslaved and erased.

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