“Oh, So You Did Nothing”?

Social Justice, when many clamor to do something, but then just demand that the rest of us jump onboard and do their work for them. When you hear Social Justice Warrior or SJW, what do you think of? Who are the SJWs? An SJW is anyone who demands their wants be upheld by others. SJWs never take action and they never claim responsibility.

Now, before you “blow your top” just think about SJWs. Who are they? I would argue that SJWs are everyone from the KKK to ANTIFA, from the temperance movement to the Neo Nazis, from Margaret Sanger to the Black Panthers. All of these idiots are SJWs. All of these groups want the same thing, dominance over all regardless of the massacre.

Their stories are grand yet their achievement is minimal at best. It’s always, “And then I said that”!!! No real action no real responsibility. Just stories on top of stories. The veritable “what if” and fantasy over reality.



4 thoughts on ““Oh, So You Did Nothing”?

  1. Interesting post. It mirrors Streisand in “The Way We Were”.

    I have a very wise friend that lives just outside Toronto. His words:
    “So you want to change the world for the better. How noble of you. Your first step? Change yourself for the better of the world.”

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