Why are all of these “Scientists” Contributing to Climate Change?

I wonder why all of these scientists that keep on talking about climate change, continue to publish papers? Like, if climate change is really a threat, why do all of these “scientists” keep on using paper to write about climate change? Why wouldn’t they just save a few trees and do it digitally?


11 thoughts on “Why are all of these “Scientists” Contributing to Climate Change?

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Thanks Goldie! It’s seems the the change in climate parallels the Kavanaugh confirmation!!!! Coincidence? I think not! Perhaps correlation is causation!

  1. I’m always shocked at the arrogance of man. So arrogant, we trash our beautiful planet. So arrogant that WE think we know the best route to fix it. Here’s an idea…stop trashing the planet and Mother Nature will fix herself. Screwing with nature will ALWAYS backfire.

    But, the rush to slam every news outlet with ANOTHER “we’re all gonna die” headline to garner attention, grab money, virtue signal or spew political superiority is the status quo. Whatever would people do with themselves, otherwise…

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      True, it seems that everyday someone is screaming that the end is near. It’s just that the scientists that are whining about climate change burn more resources than save during their research

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