What Took Place that Resulted in President Trump?

I sometimes wonder if people realize what took place before, that led to President Trump? Between blaming monolithic peoples, rewriting history and just continuing to force law abiding citizens into further compliance. Placing others on a pedestal and forcing the entire population to bow before their false prophets and weak heroes.


(I guess since they were Trump supporters, they deserve to be attacked)


The LA Roits are blamed on the police, yet this gets little attention.


“Oh my goodness, poor white people”! Symone Sanders, CNN commentator


These are just a few examples. The more people feel as if they are being cornered the greater the chance they will lash out. For decades and generations, regular people have been made to hold their tongue and never criticize, to never use their own judgement.

Keep on referring to “Old White Men”, keep on blaming men, keep on referring to anyone who disagrees with you as racist or sexist. Scream and shrill whenever you hear something you don’t like. Enable Antifa, and hope that people are still beat into submission. Rewrite the KKK as republican, rewrite Hitler and the 3RD Reich as the GOP. Take everything you hate and blame it on one group monolithically. All of this led to Trump, all of this constant demanding of apologies for things they did not commit.

The constant taxing of the middle class, the constant forcing of law-abiding citizens to give into more and more constraining circumstances. limiting the 2ND Amendment, limiting of speech on campus, limiting of what quotas must be filled.

If you want President Trump out after one term, I suggest you start to meet people half way. Respect your fellow citizen and neighbor enough to let them live the life they want. All of the fighting and resisting and false allegations will only embolden Trump’s base that much more.

Racism, rape and hate, the more you accuse others falsely of these things, the more people will move against you.

You know how you encourage more and more to vote for Trump? Criminalize his supporters.


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