What the Hell Does this White Man Think He is Doing?

This white man is trying to simply distract. Doesn’t he realize that the only financial and reporting fraud that is of concern is President Trump? Elizabeth Warren is being slandered by another white man, since he “feels” threatened! Women for too long have been oppressed by white men!



7 thoughts on “What the Hell Does this White Man Think He is Doing?

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      LOL. Let’s not get sidetracked from Trump now. After all, a man beating up a woman over her wardrobe? How much more sexist does it get (sarcasm)!

      1. I can’t help but giggle over this one. I live with a VN vet/retired cop who LITERALLY has more clothing than I do (did a lot of off-duty security work). Oh, the silk ties, cashmere sox, L.L. Bean tailored shirts…LMAO! Don’t EVEN get me started on the Polo shirts or his military & law enforcement t-shirt collection. Have mercy…🤣

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