The Remainder is Usually What Causes the Problem

Bullying, sexual assault, sexual harassment, rape, violence, suicide, shootings and low test scores. These are some of the issues that plague schools. From pre-kindergarten to graduate school. No institution is immune. It seems that these issues only continue to compound on top of one another, year after year.

But in all of these instances, what remains? The students, both children and adults continue to move up through the grades. The parents progress along with their children as well. Hmmm, what is not being taken into account? Oh yeah, teachers, the faculty, the school board and the Teachers Union remain, year after year. Never changing and hardly adapting.

I wonder if they have something to do with all of these horrible sometimes tragic incidents taking place. The more money we throw at schools it seems the worse they become. Every new school year there seems to be another “social construct” that needs to be tackled and eliminated, for the children of course. Then there are the “horrible” parents that actually expect the teacher to teach their children! How dare they, I say!

I know it’s socially unacceptable to blame teachers, since the majority are women and all. But I digress. Maybe, just maybe, all of these “teachers” that profess they do it for the kids, only do it for themselves. I don’t know, I could be wrong. Just a thought.

I wonder what is discussed in the “Teacher’s Lounge” when no one is listening?


5 thoughts on “The Remainder is Usually What Causes the Problem

  1. I used to think teachers (well, most of them) were saints. I thought they sacrificed their lives to deal with a million spoiled brats on a daily basis. But that was then, and this is now.

    Now, I am a bit more disillusioned.

    Of course, there still are amazing teachers who go above and beyond spending their own money on things for kids that aren’t theirs. They do their best to educate.

    BUT! There are also plenty of those who see it as a comfortable position.

    I was told before to be a teacher. However, I do not think I have the patience for the kids. Nowadays, I would not want to deal with BS parents most of all. I would probably end up being sued for offending their precious little snowflake.

    It’s a double edged sword. Parents aren’t helping, so some teachers just throw in the towel and do nothing. Educating kids should be on BOTH – parents and teachers.

    Also, with the curriculum changes to fit the political narrative, teachers become politicians, instead of being unbiased educators.

    Long winded. I know.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      We are on the same level Goldie. Like everything else in life, is 90-10. The hard work and dedication of 10% is sullied by the remaining 90%.

      I will agree that the parents can be difficult as well, yet, it takes 2 to tango.

      The political narrative, oh man. You ain’t kidding. The Department of Education doesn’t help either.

      1. I was reading another blogger’s post about parents dropping their kids off. He was in the ‘car line’, waiting like everyone else and, apparently, a set of parents decided that, instead of parking in the lot and using that time to unhook ‘little Johnny’ (the blogger’s words), whom was unable to do this for himself or get out of the car on his own, decided to block traffic. They took their time getting out, removing ‘little Johnny’ from the car seat and, then, spending more time with kisses and hugs and kisses and hugs…before finally getting into their car to leave and allowing the other parents to actually ‘drop their kids off and move on ‘ (the blogger’s words). Nevermind the line of cars behind you, your precious snowflake must be coddled properly while everyone waits…and watches.

        I remember the days before car seats. I sat in my mother’s lap, in the front seat and all she had was a lap belt. I think I just heard, recently, that kids are now being required to stay in car seats to the age of five, now?

        Sorry. Went off topic a bit. I couldn’t be a teacher. Many of them ‘can’t’ teach anything because they are nothing more than glorified babysitters. No wonder they are always screaming for raises. I would too. Primary schools have become 12-year nursery schools and the colleges are the ones that teach fundamental math and grammar…and, indoctrination.

        Glad I do not have kids…

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