“The Friend Zone”

Whenever I see males participating in any sort of “woman’s” movement, I think to myself, “their just trying to get laid”. I take this from my own experience, since I don’t really consider any female to be my actual friend. Whenever I see a woman with male “friends” I wonder, how much longer are they gonna put up with her, before they either get laid or move on?

Women are a funny sort. They like to see how much a man is going to put up with. They like to test men and play games with them, all while shaking their asses in men’s faces. Whenever I see men rushing to “save” a woman from an argument or a disagreement, I think to myself, “she ain’t got the golden snatch, it ain’t worth your reputation”.

When you find yourself in the friend zone, you gotta be careful. Just cause she’s giving off signals that she’s in heat, doesn’t mean that you’ll get lucky. The longer you wait it out, the bigger let down it might be for you. There are plenty of fish in the sea, if this is what it takes to get a few “hugs and kisses” the “juice is probably not worth the squeeze”.

Any woman who is willing to lead a man on, just for attention, is probably not that fun to be around anyway. These women constantly refer to their vagina, yet they don’t want to be looked upon as such.

Then again, maybe I’m completely wrong, just a thought. Take it for what it’s worth.


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  1. That is a controversial topic for sure. But I totally know where you’re coming from.
    Personally, it makes me wonder when I see people not a part of the topic attend the marches. White people in BLM marches. Men in Women Rights marches, etc.
    Yes, I think that you are right about a lot of men wanting to get laid. However, I also think there is this: “it will make me feel like I’m a good person” thing going around. If others seem me fighting for their rights, they will like me better. Since I don’t give to charity, I might as well go to a march and support the needy that way.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Yeah totally, I could be wrong, this is how I see it though. Then again, what is the reason for wanting to be seen as charitable?

      1. To be “a better human”. That’s just from my observation – people who have a low self-esteem want others to see their “good” actions, recognize it and marvel at it (boosting their ego). Also, people who do “bad thing” sometimes try and clean their conscience with something “good”.
        Definitely silly reasons for me, though.

  2. “Golden snatch”, huh? Is this another attempt at failed humor? 😁

    You really don’t have any women friends? I get young guys wanting to hump everything with a wiggle & a giggle but, surely age & experience would provide an avenue of appreciation for opposite sex to be a friend…just because you genuinely like them?

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Not an attempt, the “golden snatch” refers to, how pussy is placed on a pedestal, when there is plenty out there, no need to sweat the one that is being dangled in your face.

      Ive never had woman friends. To understand, this is how I use the term friend. Hate and love are so easily used, yet they are rarely if ever practiced, the same with the term friend. A friend in my mind is a person who I know I can rely on, no matter where or when, a brother, I know that if I need help, they will not look upon it as a burden. And its the same with me towards them. Just because I don’t refer to someone as a friend doesn’t mean that I don’t like them or value them, I just wouldn’t trust them as I would my friends. Honestly, I probably only have a few true friends.

      I don’t think men and women can be friends, without sex. Once sex is done, the “friendship” is usually over, especially once both of you move on. It seems to me that more women want male friends than the other way around. Men do not need female friends, they have their mothers and wives/girlfriends for love and nurturing. The same with women, they have their fathers and husbands/boyfriends for love and protection.

      If you want to sleep with your friends, perhaps your seeking them out for the wrong reasons. Sex and friendship never work out in the long run.

      I can enjoy the conversation and company of almost anyone for a period of time, but if one party is seeking more than the other, why keep up the sham?

      1. I’d heard the term ‘snatch’ before…older term. The younger crowd don’t use that particular vernacular. The ‘golden’ part was new. It does, however, remind me of something my dad relayed to me from his father…a warning of sorts…”That f****** you gettin’ ain’t worth the f****** you takin'”. Heh.

        Yeah. Friends are rare. Acquaintances are constant. I have only a few ‘real’ friends. Most people are flighty or, have an agenda. I haven’t the stomach for either.

        Perhaps you have a point but, from my perspective, it is a sad one and a cold reminder of the state of society. I remember shaking my head when I learned about stupidphone apps that one could use for ‘hook-ups’…random, loveless sex. Boggles my aging mind.

        I guess I will just have to be weird. I think two people can have a genuine connection and a permanent fondness for each other, regardless of gender or ‘the sex thing’. Understanding another ‘soul’ reaches beyond gender and hormonal urges. But, that gets me back to the ‘programming’ I was speaking of, earlier, in another comment section. We, in this culture, are ‘told’ and ‘groomed’ to seek out sexual relationships as soon as possible, get married, have 2.5 kids and start the whole ‘go to school, get a job, pay your taxes like a good little slave’ paradigm. *sigh*

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          Yeah for sure. The trends of today are the same of the 1960s all the way up to the present. The hippies and the beatniks began the sexual “revolution” yet, now that their reproductive system is no longer in operation, suddenly they want to be recognized as more than their genitalia, when it was their genitalia that they platformed on in the first place.

          Just like the temperance and the suffragettes of the past.

          In the end, pussy is pussy. Why else would they continue to attempt to limit free speech and battle pornography? They know it’s their snatch that brings their backup running. Men are turning away from women to porn, since there is no threat of STDs and no games they must play to get a piece.

          These women depend on their vaginas, yet with every vagina, there is a woman attached to it. With the threat of allegations and reputation on the line, the pussy ain’t worth the lifetime of heartache.

          1. Heh. I just suddenly thought of those ridiculous pink pussy hats. No self respect in that bunch…

            I’m not quite sure I follow you on the correlation between limiting free speech & pussy wagging. People want other people to shut up all day, every day, ad nauseum, from political theatre to ‘national security’. That is universal regardless of country or gender.

            And, porn? That is a huge kettle of fish all on its own. I get the interest. Voyeurism is as old as the act itself. When it begins to involve little kids & the underage, *everyone* should protest that, gender aside. But, I also realize that there are ‘cultures’ & ‘religions’ that promote child marriage. *sigh*

            And, regarding allegations, I’m with you on the ‘just leave ’em alone’ point. It appears that just because a woman ‘says’ she was sexually “groped, assaulted or raped”, no further investigation is needed. Her word is gold. Bulls***. Put ME on that jury, assuming it ever makes it to trial. Allegations are hot air w/o proof.

            1. bottomlesscoffee007

              That’s what I’m driving towards. Women want to be wanted, but with every new generation it seems like the games that women get away with are more and more outlandish and humiliating towards men.

              Take for instance the “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes” idiocy that the military takes part in. A gaggle of uniformed service members wearing red high heels and walking a mile to feel what it’s like to be a woman. See the link below:


              Regarding porn, I just see it as taking women’s power over men away. I say legalize prostitution and the solicitation of prostitution if you want a society of equality. Women know if prostitution is legalized, they will lose their stranglehold on men.

              If you want men to shut up and believe women, then apparently the vagina is the most important aspect of that argument. Since without a vagina, there is no presence of a woman.

              Getting laid is not worth any of this nonsense. Women are cheapening themselves the more they beseech men. The pussy, in my mind is not worth humiliating myself hoping to score eventually.

              Remember, no matter how good she looks, there is someone out there that is tired of her shit!

  3. “Walk A Mile In Her Shoes”…wait, what? Is that for real? I didn’t see a link.

    Prostitution is still legal in Vegas, yes? I haven’t checked, lately.

    I remember my VN vet talking about the women in the windows of Amsterdam.

    Now, I’m thinking about “The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas”! 😆

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