Between the Upcoming Census and Trump’s Shady Financial Past

So, some folks decided to look into Trump’s family’s financial past to “uncover” “illegal” financial reporting. Now, some folks are pointing at Trump and saying “look at who your president truly is”! But, when it comes to the 2020 census, some are outraged that only U.S. citizens will be counted.

So, let me get this straight. The electoral college is based off of the census for each state. So, false reporting to the IRS is a felony, but false reporting of occupants and citizens is not? Hmmm

What is counted and investigated and what is not? What is considered proof and what is not? Who decides what is counted and what is not?

When it comes to slavery and the 13th Amendment, what is required to be “duly convicted”? Do you trust the Department of Justice? Do you trust the people that run the DOJ?

What is a legitimate crime and what is not is decided by your party, affiliation and your bankroll!


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