Do You Trust the Institution, the People that run the Institution or a Mixture of Both

Who decides who is a criminal? Is it the institution or the people that run the institution? Do you trust one over the other, both or neither? What is the burden of proof that must be established? What is brought forward as proof and what is brushed aside as not being proof? Can a group of people whether professional in nature or not truly be blindly trusted?

How do you feel about the Catholic Church, the Pope, the Cardinals or even the people that claim affiliation with Catholicism? An institution that is approximately over 2,000 years old. What role, in your mind, does the Catholic Church ultimately hope to achieve? What is it they are after, how does an institution that old, continue to thrive? Who or what allows an institution like this to remain so powerful and dominate, for so long?

Let’s look at our own institutions, the Department of Justice, the Internal Revenue Service, the Department of Agriculture, Social Security, the Department of Defense, the Department of Housing and Urban Development, the Department of Education, and so on and so on and so on. Have any of these departments or institutions let you down personally? Have any of these institutions infuriated you? What is it, about these institutions that has the ability to destroy us, easily? Do we fear or celebrate these and many more institutions?

If ya constantly refer to others as stupid or corrupt, why then would you trust the institution that is run by stupid, corrupt even possibly criminal entities? I ask myself whenever I hear about someone being found guilty, why just them? How is it that others can get away with murder, while others are prosecuted for “Contracting Without a License”? These cases and charges may be separate, yet what is it, that causes these outcomes and decisions?

Who decides what is and what is not proof? Is there clear delineation for what is criminal and what is not? People cite law all the time, yet when it comes to levying law, is there any follow through or transparency? From the Blind Peer Review Process, to legal precedence and institutions, is there an ulterior motive behind all? Or are they all above water?

If you tend to brush aside conspiracy theories, based on the idea that people and populations cannot keep secrets. Just take a gander at what the Catholic Church has been doing for over 2 millennia.

So, in closing, what and who do you trust?

How do you know for sure that you can trust anything outside of your own control?


17 thoughts on “Do You Trust the Institution, the People that run the Institution or a Mixture of Both

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      If the Pope and the church cannot be trusted, how can any government or ruling body be trusted? What about the royal family, are they to be trusted?

  1. So many questions posed…wow.

    Trust. Some of it comes naturally. Babies will trust a good and comforting parent(s). And, even before speech, they ‘know’ when a parent is ‘bad’.

    Some ‘trust’ is an instinct, a feeling… Some is experience. Some is programming. Some programming removes trust, leaving one to not even trust their own thoughts or what they see & hear.

    I trust my own heart & mind. I have limited trust in other people, therefore, by extension, I have limited trust in institutions & organizations.

    And, some things are a given… I trust the sun will rise & set, I trust the planet will turn & we will have seasons with corresponding weather…

    Catholic Church? Oh, boy… What they have done… I have no stomach for religion. I had a lack of trust for it even at a young age.

    The ‘Royal Family’…what an oxymoron. What makes them ‘royal’? A so-called ‘bloodline’? Because they ‘say so’? Lands have been conquered all over the planet and ‘rulers’ established themselves as ‘kings & queens’ based on what? Hims with da means makes da rules…

    I trust…that I will have another cup of coffee…😉🤔😎☕

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Thanks Victoria. I was just wondering why now people suddenly trust or suddenly lose trust based on whoever the president is. The royal family, why is no one asking for them to pay reparations for what their bloodline committed.

      It seems we are all so “not with us, then you are against us” or “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”. This blind faith or trust in other humans is how this stuff keeps on causing itself.

      It is status quo to be honest. People are people no matter where or when. We are our own worst enemy

      1. Me? I meant from simple teaching to running the gamut all the way to MKULTRA.

        My paternal GF was “programmed” from birth by his mother to see alcohol as a terrible evil. He drank to spite her and wound up a raging alcoholic from the cognitive dissonance.

        Catholics are “programmed” to see priests as “god-like” when a large portion of them are pedophiles.

        I could go on and on but…did I answer your question effectively?

  2. I would definitely NOT blindly trust someone in government. With regards to the Catholic Church,they twist things around with the Bible.
    And is really annoying when one lot of people are blamed for murder/rape/etc., while another group are completely ignored and not reported on – like with members of the Democrats and Republicans: Attack the Republicans, but don’t report on the Democrats.
    Very thought-provoking post, 007!

  3. Yep, I agree with you. There are VERY few people in the public arena that I trust.
    (Just point out one slight mistake: The Catholic Church has existed for a little UNDER 2000 years, not over; since the 300s AD, to be precise.)

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