Quoting Polls

Whenever polls are discussed, it seems that the polls are meant to convey the atmosphere and intent. I have a question, who is being polled? The ones who participate in these so called polls, what are their affiliations what is the status of their citizenship and how do they come to these conclusions?

Education is always highlighted, yet, is there a minimum education level required for polls?

Just another reason why I don’t trust polls. Unbeknownst criteria, and murky intentions.


14 thoughts on “Quoting Polls

  1. Polls indicate the opinion of the persons polled. Whether or not that’s the majority is a different matter. And, as leaked documents etc from the DemoncRATS show, polls can be rigged and tampered with. Clive Palmer, an Australian minor party (what you Yanks call “Third Party”) politician, used to work for a polling company, and stated on TV that they rig ’em.

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          Yeah, who knows who is on the other line? What will they do with your information if you say something they don’t like? The only polls that matter are the results after an election. All of the other polls are utter and total bullshiit!!!!

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