How to Create Problems that Have No Solution (Money Makers)

The problem with people is that they are people. Let’s take a look at what some may perceive as a problem.

“A woman has never stepped foot on the moon. This is not only a travesty to all women, but it just goes to show the blatant misogyny of past exploration”.

Sure, a woman has never stepped foot on the moon. But how is this made into a “problem” that requires fixing? First, there are the “haves” and the “have nots”. With that type of paradigm, it is easy to assign a “victim”, however; a “victim” cannot exist without a “perpetrator”. The victim in these scenarios comes before the perpetrator. This is an example of how victimhood becomes a business model. There is no time-machine, one cannot simply travel back in time to remedy this scenario. So, someone will say “a woman needs to be on the moon, if we can ever expect equality in space travel and space pioneers”.

Next, if you either do not care or are opposed to spending more of your own money to make this idea of a woman on the moon not a reality, then you are by default against all women. Sponsors and supporters will readily make donations and promises to ensure a woman will be on the moon, sooner rather than later. Then the debate will be about what kind of woman should it be. Black, White, Muslim, disabled, etc. The pioneer cannot simply just be any woman, the message is not just the woman, but her color, the “obstacles” that she overcame (which must be masculine in nature), her culture and ethnicity must be paramount.

Finally, what flag will she plant on the moon? This is where it gets tricky. A woman is finally on the moon, yet in order to capitalize to the fullest, the flag must be as “inclusive” as possible. A symbol that encapsulates the masses, yet still prioritizes the accomplishment of women.

The other debacle is…, it must be throughly vetted through focus groups and social media. They must, at all costs figure out how to avoid the proverbial “how do we ensure we will never look back and wonder, how did we ever get this so wrong”?

If this sounds asinine, you might be surprised that these “issues” create a ton of cash flow. Just look at “Go Fund Me” and other instant capital growth schemes. They can be both short and long term in nature and their lifespan is eternal, as long as the “problem” is never solved.

The business models of today are “victims” and their plight to overcome. The victims never overcome, since if they did, there would be no more money to make. There is no time-machine to fix the past, yet, the past is always brought up to implicate the present. If the past and the present cannot be fixed, then the future is presented as dismal and miserable.

Never forget, with every success story, there is a team of professionals controlling the flow of information behind the scenes. From make-up artists to production coordinators and executives from virtually every industry.

Racism, sexism, xenophobia, bigotry and misogyny, depression, anxiety and measurements of happiness, these traits are human traits. If you ever expect these traits to go away, people must be exterminated. The problem with people, is that they are people, no matter where, no matter when.

The greatest threat to humanity is humans. The greatest promise to humanity is people.


10 thoughts on “How to Create Problems that Have No Solution (Money Makers)

  1. It’s a law now in Cali that every board of directors has to include a female.
    1. If you are a female – Will you be proud of your achievement? Won’t you wonder that you just got there so they can be compliant with the law? Will it not bother you?
    2. If you are a male – Won’t you just choose the dumbest female who will do what you tell them to do? Because 1 vote won’t change much, but quota is quota.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Exactly, the more I champion what cannot be changed, the more I will continue to fool myself into believing that I am doing something good for a change.

      1. bottomlesscoffee007

        Overcorrection never works!!! I didn’t try to just aim at females, this was the example I used. Like I stated, racism, sexism, etc. etc. etc. all is attempted to be corrected by overcorrection.

          1. bottomlesscoffee007

            Gotcha, thanks for the clarification. I just wanted to make sure that what I had wrote wasn’t being taken out of context. I know it can seem like I pick on certain people or groups, I just wanted to clarify.

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