Are You All In?

Republican good, Democrat bad. Liberal good, conservative bad. Capitalism good, socialism bad. Man bad, woman good. Black wonderful, white evil. And on and on and on. When it comes to politics it seems to me that more often than not, I am made to chose between these simple, perverse yet highly effective platforms. If you’re not with us, then you’re against us!

The attempt to convince me that I must align myself with the so-called greater good is probably the greatest defeat of the argument. From “victims” to “survivors”, “champions” and “losers”. The races are as simple as the idiots at the helm. Take the race in Texas between Cruz and O’Rourke, it’s a simple he said, he said. Both have financiers, both are morons. Yet, if you stand with Trump, then you must stand with Cruz. If you oppose Trump then you must stand with O’Rourke. Idiotic, right?

I would think that O’Rourke might be better for Texas, since it may be the case that Cruz hasn’t been doing his job. If Cruz had done what he had promised, perhaps more would be behind him. Yet, this is not the discussion, it’s either pro Trump or anti Trump. Complex problems that are simplified to the extreme that your either stand with Trump or you stand to stop Trump. This type of politics is the mere perfection of politics, to convince people that they must get behind a criminal to voice their stance nationally. Regardless if the politician will follow through on their promises. Trusting politicians is the same notion as trusting a banker or an insurance agent even the despised car salesperson.

Then again, I have no skin in the game, I could be completely wrong. This is how I see these things playing out. This is also why I see things never working out for the constituents. The amount of buy-in the regular person gets is minimal at best. Yet it always works. Cruz and O’Rourke are neither Trump. If I look at them as Trump, my options are simple. Simple and fraudulent solutions to complex issues. If you don’t want anything fixed, hire a politician.

In closing, I ask again, are you all in?


6 thoughts on “Are You All In?

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      It is, yet it seems to work time and time again. It’s almost like people don’t want anything to change. Perhaps this is how America stays so great.

  1. As per usual – great observations. I’m not a fan of having to base ALL decision based on the main decision (for, or against Trump). It goes against my logic. It is not a valid argument in my book.
    However, I also think that the candidates are at fault. They choose the sides. They choose to be for, or against. Most of the time, they make it very clear who they align with. And that just kills my whole logical decision. Because if you swear that you will undo/ oppose things that I am for, just out of spite… you make the decision for me.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      It’s all a sham. We are all Americans whether we agree or disagree on policy. This simple division of core values is how we, or I convince myself that they are against me. I have fallen for this over and over again.

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