Project to Strategically Protect Soft Networks

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2 thoughts on “Project to Strategically Protect Soft Networks

  1. bottomlesscoffee007

    The project seeks to insulate people who work with Americans abroad and keep them in their own country, alive. As you know, people who help Americans as interpreters or in other capacities come under threat. Americans have very few tools to protect them. The project’s main goal is to provide more tools for diplomats and military members in conflict zones to protect their most critical partners. As a last resort, the project advocates for policies like the Special Immigrant VISA (SIV) that brings people to the United States or possibly other countries. Assimilation challenges tend to be extreme in western countries. However, SPSN feels that U.S. interests are better served when we stand by those who stood by us in harm’s way, than by turning the other cheek. At the end of the day, strategically protecting soft networks goes beyond morality, it is clearly in our national security interests: 1) instilling confidence in those allies serving with men and women in conflict zones right now 2) demonstrating to host nation security forces that Americans take care of their closest partners 3) facilitating law enforcement investigations by encouraging informants that they will be safeguarded 4) countering enemy narratives that say Americans abandon their allies and 5) helping military veterans who suffer from guilt and feelings of violating their military ethos of leaving no one behind. This is one of the few areas where American values and national security interests align well.

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