Absentminded Wordplay

Have you ever listen to someone that you completely disagree with? While they spoke, you would retort whenever they said “us” or “we”, in your mind you would say to yourself “you”? A lot of people it seems to me, always say “we” or “us”. I am guilty of this as well. Although I don’t think that the majority of people that speak in that manner do so realizing what they might be conveying. These are what might be referred to as “metaphors”. But what happens over time, when communication is attempted and what are perceived as common metaphors are used ad nauseam?

The message that you attempt to convey is not taken even possible refused. Why you may ask? Because, in my mind, the speaker replaces “I” with “we” or “us”. Completely removing any and all responsibility from themselves and placing it on me. Regardless of what I’ve done throughout my life, suddenly, a complete stranger is now gonna tell me what I need to do. This may or may not be what they are meaning, however; this is what I hear.

I got enough going on in my life, I don’t need someone else telling me what I ought to be doing. Especially when they are not doing what they are telling everyone else to do, themselves. This word play is everywhere. Replace white with black, man with woman, etc.. Take anything and just replace the identifiers with the opposite. That is how weak all of these arguments are. That is why so many turn off. I’m tired of being lectured to, I’m tired of being blamed for what I cannot change, I’m tired of all of these people telling me what I should do to consider myself responsible and ethical.

Replace us and we with I. I still catch myself from time to time. I speak only for myself. I cannot speak for anyone else. I know who I am, I don’t know who you are. If you want me to listen to you, show me through your own personal example. Don’t expect me to simply follow, since everyone is forcing me to accept popularity.

I have to let people decide for themselves. I want to decide for myself.


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