What is Your Credit Score?

What if I were to tell you that the National average for credit scores in the U.S.A. were around the 680 range? Does that mean that the majority are of us are doing rather well? Paying all of our bills on time, maintaining a positive debt to income ratio. Do you believe that? If the 650-680 ratio is accurate, then how is a score of 700 or above really that distinguishing?

I always thought distinguishing criteria was hard to come by, hard to earn and harder to maintain. If the majority have distinguishing credit, doesn’t that mean it’s really not that distinguishing? This just makes me wonder, with The Federal Reserve constantly manipulating interest rates and simply printing money, is it really worth what we think it is?

Are you ready for hard times? What if the majority didn’t have credit or even easy access to credit? I wonder what the credit score average would then be? Your money is liquid, your credit is faith, neither are actual commodities. Both have the potential to become worthless and obsolete.

You ever heard of hyper inflation?


6 thoughts on “What is Your Credit Score?

  1. Don’t EVEN get me started on THIS crap. I read somewhere the other day that 80% of what credit agencies report is wrong. Reminds me of China’s “behavior scoring”…

    Nearly eight years ago, my ex & I split. We couldn’t sell the house and, we couldn’t keep it (I couldn’t afford on my own & he bolted…disappeared…after signing divorce papers). We defaulted on not one but, two mortgages on that house. Credit screw #1.

    I moved back home from a state with 6% unemployment to a state with 11% unemployment. He left me with three maxed out credit cards. I got one paid off using my unemployment. My former employer fought the very unemployment that the state agreed I was due (under medical documentation). I was interviewed over the phone by a “tribunal” with my former Director & HR Head in the mix. One of the “tribunal” agreed with my predicament but, was over-ruled by the other two. After a years worth of deserved unemployment, I was ordered to pay it back. I couldn’t. Credit screw #2.

    I have done NOTHING but struggle to find full time, decent paying work since 2011. I defaulted on CC #2. Credit screw #3.

    I managed to snag a full time job as a Drivers License Examiner. I got that only because I literally went back to a department in my home state I had worked for, before. The folks I had worked with 13 years prior were all still there. I would still be working there if I hadn’t been told I was to be transferred to Charlotte. Um, NO. That is not what I applied for. My “slot” is here. If they need help down there, they need to hire down there. “You will be written up or fired if you don’t go.” I can fix that.

    I defaulted on the third CC. Credit screw #4. My life has been a cascading failure since December 2009. I can’t get hired because of my age, no degree and my *credit score*.

    I did manage to buy a used truck while employed. My credit was so bad, the dealership had to do an “in-house” loan. Thanks to some help, I haven’t missed a payment. Did that help the “credit rating”? Nope.

    Oh, and in order to pay off CC #1 (unemployment helped a bit), I had to pull out my retirement from Texas. That put me in the crosshairs of the IRS. Plus, my home state said “You are bringing in money from another state? We get a cut, too.” I have no retirement, either. It took the retirement to pay off one CC, the early withdrawal penalty AND my home state’s “skim”.

    ALL of theses MFs can line up & kiss my a$$…including my ex.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Exactly my point Victoria. Life is hard enough, throw credit into the mix, before you know it, you’re in over your head trying to tread water. All the while, you’re surrounded by sharks.

      Too many people live in such a narrow margin of error, that any turbulence will literally sink them faster than they can swim.

      I hope things turn around for you. It sucks that you had to go through this nonsense. We all learn in our own time, I just hope I’m ready when it’s my time.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Exactly, it’s all manipulation at our expense. Then again, we are our own worst enemy. The price of homes and vehicles only skyrocket since the prices are based on what we are willing to pay.

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