You Are Entitled to Your Own Facts

Red vs. blue, democrats vs. republicans, left vs. right, man vs. woman, Ford vs. Kavanaugh. No matter what took place today, no one is changing their mind. No one cares, it’s politics at it’s finest. The “facts” are biased, the “facts” have nothing to do with anything.

Here say, hyperbole, conjecture, facts maybe and maybe not. There are no facts to speak of, just feelings and emotions. Yet everyone is attempting to cite fact, fact only for their own side.

You are entitled to your own facts, whether sexual in nature or UFO sightings, alien abduction, Bigfoot, the point of conception, or faith in God. The “fact” is, you believe whatever you believe. How many people talk about being abducted by aliens and are looked upon as “crazy”? Simply telling people something, doesn’t make it fact. Then again, maybe it does.

The fight is coming, how many of us are really ready? Is this the catalyst or just another day at the National Center for Dramatics? You decide for yourself, just don’t expect me to believe you. No one believes me anyway.


10 thoughts on “You Are Entitled to Your Own Facts

  1. Uh-huh… I generally tend to believe people’s testimonies, but there are definite liars out there. And with a highly-charged political situation like this, it’s best to be careful what you do and don’t believe.

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