You Didn’t Report?!?!?!

It seems that the more people come forward, stating that they didn’t report seems rather odd to me. Someone raped or assaulted you, and you did nothing. The more that supposedly come forward, seem to not only be setting a trend, but also convincing more to not come forward, since it’s the popular thing to do.

If you don’t report or press charges, why would it end? That is, if it even happened in the first place. This is why it seems to be power play more than actual cries for help. Do you go to the emergency room after a week or so of dealing with pain, sickness or injury? From what many medical professionals say, at that point it is no longer an emergency.

The more that are given credence months, years and decades after the fact, the more this is about power and influence rather than justice. If you cannot come forward, maybe you got more problems than what just happened. Then again, how many prisoners have been turned out? No one seems to care about them.

It’s not an honest discussion to discuss these allegations after the proof is hyperbole. Believe what you want. Are any of us innocent?


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