Uh Oh, Ro$en$tein Just Got Called into the Principals Office!

Oh man, another senior level government employee might lose their job!!! Man, nothing like a millionaire being fired to outrage half the country. Whatever will he do?

Seriously though, who gives a shit? Has politics become “People Magazine”? Ro$en$tein will be fine, his future is set. What about yours? Why do we care about a millionaire? He doesn’t know you or care about you, why do you care so much about him?

F*** Ro$en$tein and F*** everyone in government.


12 thoughts on “Uh Oh, Ro$en$tein Just Got Called into the Principals Office!

  1. Oh, please. He will go home to his lavish, gated community, away from the lower classes and in two years, he won’t even be remembered.

    F*** him & his rich cronies. I shed no tears. Where did his millions come from? Taxpayers.

  2. I think it’s a cop-out, people care about millionaires because they don’t have to lift a finger to help them, it’s easy empathy.

    On the other hand if they took time to care about the middle class or the poor they would have to do some work themselves to make change happen.

    Just a thought

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