Should We Invite the White Supremacist?

With all of this “talk” concerning diversity, is there any room for white supremacist? Do they deserve a seat at the table? It would seem apparent that the hurt that has been afflicted on the gays, the blacks, the Irish, the Muslims and the Christians throughout history, it would only make sense to open our arms to the white power community. Since, all of these people talking about diversity and love, only want everyone to coexist.

For some strange reason though, these people are never invited or encouraged to live or even inhabit society. Populism, nationalism and tribalism is only ever attributed to these groups.

Maybe, they feel as if they are being pushed out? Perhaps they feel as if their heritage is not valued. What if they just want to be left alone?

What if diversity isn’t the ultimate goal? Is the American Flag a symbol of hate? Is it the only Flag that is looked down upon by “intelligent and enlightening” people?

Sounds like some people are making a killing, by selling “diversity” to the general public.


4 thoughts on “Should We Invite the White Supremacist?

  1. I think they are right up there with black lives matter people. I’ve seen many video that have been released where BLM is all about pushing away whites so isn’t that the same?
    We should all want to coexist together and not place one higher than the other so sitting down to talk and come to an agreement would be beautiful!

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Exactly right. It seems to me, the more importance is placed on one group over the other, the higher and more extreme the group that is being pushed out will feel. None of this is about right over wrong, it’s only about money and power.

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