A Boy Named Sue

Unique names, how often are they truly deserved? It seems to me, that unique names often force those with them, to even greater lengths to try and fit in. The parents name their child, then it is on the child to define the name, from then on out.

Unique names also make it rather difficult to maintain some form of anonymity. The last name is rarely required since the first name will suffice in identification most times. During phone calls, spelling becomes redundant and exhausting.

Is a name really that important?


22 thoughts on “A Boy Named Sue

  1. Have you ever read about actress Poppy Montgomery’s family? She described her parents as “flower children”. She and her siblings had these long crazy names.

    Apparently, Marion Morrison & Norma Jeane Mortenson didn’t like theirs. Guess we all have to be tagged with something. And, if we aren’t careful, we will be chipped…which, to me, isn’t any different than a forearm stamp.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      I’ve never heard of that before. I was reading about these wild names that actors name their kids. The stuff people come up with. I wonder what they’re thinking.

  2. I’ve got a unique name – John-Michael (yes, that’s my first name). I’ve never minded it – or felt bad about it or a need to fit in (in regards to name, anyway – although I’ve occasionally wanted a middle name LOL).

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      For sure, on some aspects the name is inconsequential, then again, you love your parents, at the same time, some children cringe when their parents show affection at school.

            1. bottomlesscoffee007

              Of course, but to everyone else, I am no one. All I want is for people to speak freely and openly, to be honest with one another.

                1. bottomlesscoffee007

                  Yep, there are many out there that would happily and quickly destroy me to silence me. Just look at how many have been deplatformed on social media, their lives are forever ruined. They may never work again, since potential future employers will not want their company associated with the.

                  There are real consequences to take into consideration. Cowardly, probably. I’d rather be overly cautious than penalized for using my 1ST Amendment Right.

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