Ford Could Topple the Farce

Pound me too, I mean, the #metoo and #timesup farce could topple due to Dr. Ford. If the accusations are true, why the stalling? An open hearing would open many to the supposed “reality” of rape culture. Rape culture, a term that may or may not be true.

If the rape culture is not true, if the wage gap is not true, what else is not true? Could it be that abortions are all about vanity rather than responsibility? Dr. Ford, needs to be heard. Dr. Ford’s words could cause a major catastrophe for all of these movements.

Why else would we be expected to simply “believe” her? I highly doubt her “milkshake” is the chosen one, even though that’s what they want us to believe.


18 thoughts on “Ford Could Topple the Farce

  1. The whole thing stinks. On the one hand, this insanity over his historical paperwork…declassify all of it. Just what DID he do in the Bush Admin. F*** this Executive Privilege s***.

    On the other hand, he supposedly groped her over 35 years ago & she was a party girl? You want to talk about it NOW? If I were assaulted in such a manner, I would be screaming bloody hell when it happened…not 35+ years later when you just *happen* to be politically entrenched on the other side?

    Soros has his fingerprints and d*** in everything. I’m so tired of this circus of horrors. Both sides are full of s***.

          1. bottomlesscoffee007

            It’s the same crap over and over. Here I thought that women were stronger and smarter than men. Oh well, I guess Dr. Ford’s snatch can only deal with so much.

            1. I was talking with a friend last night about how all this is actually counter-productive. Men will now hate women in order to protect themselves. Is that what women wanted? A bigger divide between the sexes?

              1. bottomlesscoffee007

                Yep, why chance it with a woman, when you could just use pornhub, rub one out and go on about your business. No STDs, no crime, more productive. I thought women wanted to be wanted.

  2. This is so insane that I cannot really follow it for more than a minute at a time. What did he do to her? Maybe he whistled as she passed by. And she’s been traumatized ever since. And of course he’s guilty, but she won’t testify, because it will open her wounds back up and make her feel like a victim again. HUUUUUUUUUUUH?????!!!!!

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      I wrote another post today that I think sums up the hysteria. About how black men were lynched in the past for accusations of harassment of white women. This crap keeps on playing out.

  3. If that happened, why didn’t she report it when it happened? Why wait for several years later when he is getting a Supreme Court position?
    And, a key witness in the incident has stated that he has no memory of the incident.
    She has no evidence!
    In all probability, a paid actress.

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