3 Dimensional, Perception and Depth

To take a 3 dimensional photo, multiple angles must be captured. All of the photos then are compressed together. It gives the viewer more insight, better perception and depth. A clearer picture, perhaps. The same is true of social media and legacy reporting.

Legacy reporting is more two dimensional. One angle, one side, here ya go, now decide. With social media however; as we have seen, the reporting comes in much clearer. A new dimension has arisen. Citizen reporters, providing their “angle”. Now, there is legacy reporting, along with citizen reporting, multiple angles, better perception, more depth. More information to help with your decision.

Social media provides insight, without the need of a publisher, an editor or shareholders. No application process, no hands to shake or asses to kiss.

Regardless of your stance, you must admit, that more angles are better than just two. The legacy media is flat and unflattering, however; it is another angle.

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