Why I Don’t Write About Many Conspiracy Theories

I don’t tend to write about conspiracy theories that often. My reason for this is simple, I don’t think they aid in our day to day lives. I’m not arguing their validity, I just don’t know or understand how they lend themselves to our lives directly. By this I mean, how do conspiracy theories aid in our ability to communicate effectively with each other?

It seems to me, that more often than not, conspiracy theories only aid in our division. They do nothing for the here and now. They merely distract from what can be accomplished and they allow more finger pointing than actual resolution.

I will admit, there can be truth to many conspiracy theories, however; how do they fix you and I? That is why my focus is on us, rather than them. We can speak at length of what may have taken place. But it will never force us to acknowledge what we have or have not done to each other. It will never help us to connect to one another.

Talk about whatever you want, respond however you desire. I enjoy a good conspiracy from time to time. I am more worried about my family, friends and neighbors in the here and now and how we come together. Conspiracy theories are necessary, and they hold all of us accountable, but in my mind, when speaking of relationships, they avoid what it takes to fix them.

As I stated prior, this is my stance. We can argue about who controls the world, but when do we argue about why we value each other? When do we allow others what we desire for ourselves? The more we value each other and the differences each person brings to the table, the stronger we become as a people, the weaker they become as the comptrollers. They can only control what we allow them. The better we are, the weaker they become.

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23 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Write About Many Conspiracy Theories

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Thank you, they may be accurate, but they do nothing to bring us together. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      I discuss them as well, but more often than not, their validity does nothing for me and mine in the here and now.

  1. I agree. What good are the theories being discussed or even addressed when all them seem to do is divide us as a people. Let’s work on ourselves as a people to dead the misconceptions and go from there.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      I think the conspiracies are good, they keep us on our toes and help us to step back and look at the entire picture. But they do nothing for our personal relationships, I guess the question is, what is more important to you now and in the future?

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Yeah, I’m not against conspiracy theories, I appreciate those who purvey them. I do from time to time and possibly, others will interpret many of my posts as conspiracy. The more all of us speak openly and honestly the better we all are, even if we do not want to hear what others have to say. The more language is controlled, the worse off we all are. I truly believe that is why so many are diagnosed with mental health disorders, because their entire life, they are forbidden from being who they are.

  2. 😃 These days, anything that we say can be misconstrued as a conspiracy even though we are talking openly about a topic.

    Proper interpretation also has a lot to do with it, my friend.

    Do enjoy the rest of your day!

  3. Considering the term “conspiracy theory” was created by the CIA to marginalize those that dare to question things, I will go out of my way to pay attention to all of them for that very reason. The “divide” between people is the intended outcome. As long as there are those that are convinced that “that isn’t happening” without actually looking into…whatever…there will be no resolution to…whatever.

    They’re still trying to push the narrative that chemtrails are a “conspiracy theory”.

    “Don’t pay any attention to that man behind the curtain…”

    Just my four cents…

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      I agree wholeheartedly. The reason for conspiracies in my opinion is that we are trained to not talk or look as you state. I’m not trying to refute or diminish them by any means. I was simply stating that it is much easier and much more beneficial to work on myself and those whom I love and care about. I acknowledge that many conspiracies have their roots in trying to control us, through information, disinformation and blatant controversy. The same idea of “leaflets” being dropped in enemy territory.

      I just don’t know what they directly contribute to our personal relationships, well, to mine anyway.

      Please, make no mistake, I am well aware of the psyop that is taking place and has taken place. But as I stated, I am looking for freedom, love and understanding, I have a feeling the more I look to conspiracy, the more I ignore those around me. I can only do one thing at a time, I want my time devoted to those whom I love. Since, I believe that no matter what conspiracies I may think are legitimate, they do nothing for my own relationships. It is important to always try to understand what is happening around me, but if I cannot control it, it may in turn start to control me.

      I’m a simple man Victoria, I cannot be with my family if I am always looking for answers. The world is around us and as it has since the beginning of time, continues to turn. Those who attempt to control us, do so at the sacrifice of their own families.

      If the world were to end today, tomorrow, whenever, I don’t want to be fighting, I want to be in the loving arms of my family.

      After all, it’s us against the world!

      Thanks for the comment, I know that whenever you respond, it will be thoughtful and pure.

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          I’m a simple man with a dirty mind, Victoria. A dream for every woman. If only all of the men could be as American as me, we would’ve landed on Mars decades ago!!!

  4. Oh, I wasn’t implying that you should ignore loved ones and go off on a quest for truth. LOL! (I just suddenly thought about your remark regarding your wife’s underwear). One can legitimately look at an issue without becoming Don Quixote or Captain Ahab…assuming that you can actually “look” @ anything with the ever increasing amount of censorship. I noticed last night that Google has a disclaimer at the bottom of its search results, now, if you are looking for information that returns a “protected copyright”…something, you don’t get to see it. You can thank the UK for that.

    My only point was, if it gets tagged “conspiracy theory”, you can bet there is more to it. That very tag will make me interested, not make me ignore it. And, if my interest in said “conspiracy” divides my family, my family has bigger problems than my random curiosity in…whatever. I *have* learned to pick & choose my discussions, tho. 🤔😎💕

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      I concur Rue. Too often it seems to me, that conspiracies turn out to be true or at least bring to light the truth of the matter. A way to “smoke” them out if you will.

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