Zebra Stripes

(Originally Posted 1 May 2018)

I have heard the reason why zebras have stripes is because they are a herd animal. The mass of stripes, especially when running, proves to be too confusing for the lions to focus on one zebra. The lion attacks the herd and must weed out one weak zebra to feast on. The purpose of the herd, is that the herd must survive, once one zebra falls out of formation, the herd continues to run and leave the lone zebra to attempt evasion from the loins and a hopeful return to the herd. Most times, the zebra is eaten alive by the lions. The zebras will leave their friends and family behind, if they can’t keep up, or if they step out of line. One wrong step and they are forever cut from the herd. The herd must survive, regardless of how many baby zebras are eaten by predators. The herd must survive, not a single zebra is worth saving in the eyes of the herd.

Are you a herd animal?



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27 thoughts on “Zebra Stripes

  1. Great post!
    Now the real question is why aren’t you writing about the hot topic by “CrapPile” where John is getting beat up by commenters for wanting the new Superman to stay white and Hollywood is trying to make him black🤣

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      I looked that up, hilarious. Oh man, it doesn’t get much better. Let em have a comic book character, really that’s all they have left.

      1. bottomlesscoffee007

        When comic book heroes and “activists” are all they have left, kinda makes you realize that their platform is disintegrating rather rapidly!

          1. bottomlesscoffee007

            The straws they reach for are paper and immediately begin to fall apart the minute they touch liquid, like the Wicked Witch of the East!

        1. That is what some revisionist historians try to do with ALL ancient peoples. You’d think, from listening to them, that whites just magically appeared at some point… and that it’s racist to have white actors portraying ancient Egyptians, Israelites, etc in film. One person declared he/she was glad “Exodus: Gods and Kings” flopped purely because of having white actors.

                1. bottomlesscoffee007

                  Trying to, it’ll never work, just turn more people off. I think all of these social experiments in entertainment are rather funny. Before you know it Wonder Woman will have an abortion and Iron Man will become Iron person (non binary). And Black Widow will have an out of wedlock theyby! Turns out Duck Dynasty was such a huge hit, since people wanted to see a family who loved and cared for each other, all centered around God and faith.

                    1. bottomlesscoffee007

                      People are starved for traditional values and traditional families. God and faith, not church or religion, just plain ole fashioned faith and love.

  2. I forgot to actually respond to your herd question.
    There are of course those whom I would not like to leave behind, and those whom I would have an easier time abandoning. Naturally.
    Not many might want to hear it, but I am also sometimes too logical. I do think 1 victim is better than 2 or more.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      For sure, it’s always a calculated decision, and instead of sticking to one method, constant reassessing is necessary. Just a simple parable that I think is worth considering. I am guilty of this here mentality myself.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Thank you so much. I try my best to look for relevance and parables in life that are simple to follow and simple to understand.

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