September 11th2001 was a day that rocked the world. The death, mayhem and tragedy that took place, was real and earthshattering. Too often we remember, where we were, what we were doing and the impact it had on our lives. There are few days on the national calendar today, that many reflect on personally, 9/11/2001 still can be felt in the gut. What has changed since that infamous day? We come together in times of devastation and we feast on each other in times of ease.

Without a doubt, our military has grown in skill and flexibility from that day forward. Our fellow citizens have become that much stronger and resilient, a sense of reality always beckons us on this day. A day of somber remembrance and a day of reflection. The constant loop of footage has become a mainstay of this day, tears for some, anger for others and the reality of vulnerability and humility for many. How far have we come from that day forward? We value our family, our community, we value our neighbors.

September 11th2001 has defined a generation, a generation of service and generation of preparedness and a generation of young Americans. The lives that were lost that day and the lives that were forever changed. An impact so deep and profound that the sun never set on the American Soldier, the American Marine, the American Sailor, the American Airman, from that day forward.

The strength of the families left behind and the crying children in the night as they fall asleep. Mommy, Daddy, Brother, Sister, loved ones, and future weddings canceled. We are here for you, we are there for you and we will continue to support one another. The memories of today, will forever remind us that we are a nation of people, that when it counted, we came together and helped each other out.

Tomorrow is not promised or guaranteed.


14 thoughts on “9/11/2001

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          I’m game, the more aspects, the more conversation and dialogue, the better for everyone. There is no reason any theory or viewpoint shouldn’t be discussed. The more censorship, the more conspiracy!

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Perhaps I was mistaken to use the term “we”, I probably should’ve used “I”.

      With that being said, it seems to me that we do value our home, which provides shelter to our own family, we may have friends in the community and we may value our neighbors, on the other hand, our own family may have connections within our neighbors and our community. A sense of belonging and a sense of responsibility to maintain our home and the community where our home resides.

      1. I disagree we don’t value our homes since we poison our lawns with radioactive dirt and cancer causing chemicals. We paint the walls with lead. We cover the floor with toxins.

        I could go on but I think you can see where I am going.

        We have great memes about our lives like, “America is #1”, “God’s country”, We value the family” but I’m a realist, you have to show me how these things are true.

        From where I’m watching… I don’t see it.

        Are we valuing our families by repeatedly electing officials that throw are kids in nonsensical wars to kill them for the lesser good?

        Do we value our neighbors by rarely communicating with the ones who look or act different?

        I would say that we tolerate to the best of our abilities those we pick and choose to befriend at best.

  1. I remember the day so clearly. I worked in a 42 story building on the 36th floor. I was at home when the first plane hit and at work when the second one hit. It was after the second plane hit were we told to go home for the day. I didn’t have family involved, but the images have stuck with me. It is definitely a day I will never forget. I cannot image the pain of loosing someone in such a horrible way and my prayers are with those families who still relive that day.

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