#MeToo, If I Could Only Be So Lucky!!!

I would argue that in today’s society and possibly since Adam and Eve, a woman’s worth is based solely on her fertility. On the other hand, a man is measured by his ability to protect and provide. If I am wrong, please tell me what I am missing. Why do women wear makeup? Why do women seek out spanx, push up bras and makeup? Does a woman’s appearance to seem fertile automatically increase her value? Yes, without a doubt. Women want to be wanted, it’s the chase they desire most of all.

I truly feel sorry for women today. Pushing out their breasts and accentuating their hips and buttocks. Lip fillers, lip stick and lip gloss, all point directly to their labia, that is, aroused labia. Women desire men, women will do whatever they can to signal to men that they are fruitful and willing. However; with all of this litigation happening, their “knight in shining armor” is less likely to show up to “save” them. No one wants to risk being labeled a sex criminal for the rest of their lives!

Why else would women continually seek out the “fountain of youth”? They say it is to simply fit in or that society dictates they dress and paint their bodies in such a way. Let’s not forget thongs and cleavage. Sex sells and women know it.

So, what do they do, when their eggs are long gone? Accuse the men, the same men that chased them in the past, are now the supposed perpetrators. Bikinis, nudity and yoga pants. For a population of men told not to look and no means no, the balance has yet again been weighted. Why you may ask? Because other men know, the quickest way to the “goods” is protection. All these men must do, is protect these “innocent” and fragile women from the stares and advances from other men. Wow, now we are back to protection!

The damsel in distress routine is worn out. The #metoo has just made some more profits, apparently $20 million from what I understand. I thought there was no price on sexual tomfoolery? I guess the vagina can still be bought, it just depends on how deep your pockets are!

Men and women will never coexist without sex. Men and women are companions. Oh well, I guess we will just have to wait for the next “sexiest man of the year” edition. Too bad Michael Moore will never be chosen. I guess it’ll be another “hunk”. Meanwhile Miss America can’t figure out how to draw new viewers, since women’s bodies are no longer of any consequence!

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21 thoughts on “#MeToo, If I Could Only Be So Lucky!!!

  1. This might upset some, but humans are animals. There are some very primal instincts that steer us. We might not like admitting it, but it’s the truth. Or maybe some do not analyze things as much as others, and they consider themselves more evolved than we really are.

  2. OMFG! LMAO! 🤣🤣🤣

    When I got to the vagina & deep pockets comment, I lost it. Dave Chappelle just made it worse. LOL!

    WHY do women wear make-up, do you ask? Because someone TOLD them they should. Because we live in a society that does not encourage common sense and individuality. Ever done any historical research into why women shave their legs & underarms? Very interesting.

    I gave up make-up over a decade ago. Painting my nails was cute when I was 16.

    I knew that the industry that drives the ideas of what women should look like had finally hit insane mode when women were having the white part of their toenails painted on…when all they had to do was let their nails grow and “voila”…natural white tips. SMDH.

    Don’t even get me started on the eyebrow “on fleek” nonsense.

    Good post. If draw attention to yourself on purpose, you lose the right to complain about said attention when you receive it. Don’t like it? Go home.

  3. I don’t wear much make up but I do slap on blusher and lip stick to go to work or if I’m going out. I do it for me though because I want to feel confident. I dress how I want because I see a dress/trousers/ jacket – whatever they I like – and I like looking nice. It sure as hell isnt to attract anyone though because if anything happens to ‘im indoors it’s going to be me, 47 cats and the tv remote living happily ever after! I have zero desire to put up with anyone else lol. That’s me though and in general, you’re absolutely right. Some women do play come hither and then cry wolf. I’m glad I’m not a man and I worry for my sons because there are some vindictive bitches out there and politics and the media are exciting riots. What goes around comes around though and extremes only cause back swings. Until we can get to a level without one ‘side’ trying to beat the other the stupidity will continue.
    We tear down statues and burn books so we can’t learn from history – what do you expect?

  4. The Dave Chappelle skit was hella funny.

    Okay, now explain that $20 million profit to me that the #metoo movement has acquired because I didn’t know that that was profit-making venture at all.

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          Like the Church, I’m sure the “donation” will first go to the top, once they take what they want, it’ll filter down, until at most, maybe, anywhere from 5%-10% will actual be used to help women and only women, since #metoo, doesn’t apply to children or men. Ingenious really, there’s always money to be made!

            1. bottomlesscoffee007

              That’s what they always say, “money is of no consequence”, they don’t want us to ask or even know about the money. It’s all they want though, money and power. I only wish I had thought of it first!

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