The Hippies of Yesterday are the Professors, Elected Representatives and the CEOs of Today

The hippies of the past are now the power brokers of today. It seems to me that too often old hippies still want to lecture everyone on what is right and what is wrong, the funny thing is though, they are the CEOs and elected representatives of today. So their own model and ideology failed. Perhaps Trump was too much of a coward to fight in Vietnam, he took the legal route, but Clinton burned his draft notice. What about Bernie Sanders, the same could also be said in his case. Obama never had a military career to speak of as well.

So, the hippies won and they still sit around and tell the rest of us what we need to do, in order to fix their faults. The hippies are still too lazy to do it themselves, perhaps they are too conscientious to take action for what they claim to love and care about. The same hippies who screamed “baby killer” at the retuning service members have actually attempted to make abortions the law of the land. The same hippies that today attempt to “warn” us about fossil fuels, are jetting around the globe and love their minibuses. The same hippies that scream about gun control and hate speech, reminisce about the Beatles and “Helter Skelter” the infamous “White Album” that Charles Manson claims to have motivated him.

Make no mistake, the hippies of yesterday have been in-charge of the world for the last 40 years. The hippies attempt to blame it on anything and anyone they can. The hippies of yesterday and their prolific drug usage is the reason for today. The hippies of today are the same hippies of yesterday, polyamory, free love, do what feels good, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, make love not war, etc. etc. etc.

The hippies only want one thing, that is domination. The hippies only start problems. The hippies proliferate in drugs, hysteria, money, power and most of all selfishness. The hippies will not be satisfied until we are driven before them, beatdown and broken. The hippies desire mass censorship, the hippies create laws, the hippies break nations, all in the name of money and power.

The next time you decide to listen to a drugged out elderly talk and ramble about life, just take a step back and look at what and who you are listening to. Is that how you want to end up? Perhaps the Beatles were scarier and darker than anyone can admit, but hey, it was a catchy tune, right?

The hippies are the capitalists that they claim to despise.

So, who should be silenced next?


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