Kava-Naw Promise/Purity Ring

So, back to Kava-Naw. The entire confirmation hearing over his possible future in The Supreme Court seems to focus solely around President Trump and abortion. The democrats want Kava-Naw to promise to hold onto his “virginity” until he is married (Trump is gone). Like a nervous father, telling his daughter about how evil boys are and how pure she is, pleading and begging the daughter to not only promise, but to also wear a “purity ring” as a sign of their agreement.

This doesn’t get any better, those who beseech Kava-Naw, have already made up their mind, even before the confirmation began, on how they would vote. Their mind is already made up, they use this time to platform for their own upcoming races. Kava-Naw is skeptical though, he says the ring they picked out doesn’t fit, but they keep on demanding that he wear it regardless. He cannot simply wear the “ring” on his necklace, it must be on his finger or else the “promise” only hangs by a thread. If he breaks his promise, then he loses his finger in the process.

The problem with the “promise or purity ring” is that the promise they seek to garner is one sided. Kava-Naw must promise to them, but they do not have to promise to him!


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    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Yep, it’s hilarious, they have played their hand now for over two years. We can see right through their “poker face”. All they do now is reach farther and farther down, to try and impress.

    2. bottomlesscoffee007

      Kava-Naw is in desperate need of a prosthetic arm, with both his hands on the table, he cannot secretly cross his fingers behind his back while he continues to answer questions!!!!

  1. This reminds me of something a former supervisor of mine (RIP) told me. “There are two things a man should never see. A sausage maker at work & the Texas legislature at work.” His statement has a wider perspective to me.

    Interesting fellow he was. He called himself a “West Texas Cowboy” and spoke fluent Spanish with a Texan accident. He had been a professional journalist, interviewing Presidential candidates, a professional photographer, a pilot, a muscian and ran a cattle ranch in Clyde, TX, just outside of Abilene. He was 6′ 6″ and had a plastic heart valve (heart ailments ran in his family). He, literally, ticked like a tall grandfather clock when you got close to him.

    The people he knew and the life he lead… His name was Bill Patton and, yes, he was, indeed, a distant relative.

    Sorry. Didn’t mean for my comment to sound like an epitaph. Too much coffee…😳

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      I can’t find anything on the Cowboy Bill Patton. Can you provide something, I’d really love to read more about him?

      1. This is a good synopsis:

        I forgot about his entertainment industry interviews. He had the hots for Susan Anton (she was nearly his height) and was actual friends with Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton.

        Rots a ruck trying to find any data on him. His career was in print. You would have to know what papers he was associated with and request microfilm reprints. He was already a dinosaur by the time the ‘Internets’ came along.

        He was also a raging alcoholic…

          1. Welcome. We parted on bad terms…accidentally.

            My ex-Marine and I visited him & his family on his ranch in the fall of 2009. We were planning on staying the night. We had been friends for years. Bill retired in May 2007.

            Well…Bill’s niece was also visiting with her girlfriend. The niece was a pariah in the extended family. Bill didn’t care about her “choices”.

            The girlfriend had a mouth on her. And, she had boundary problems and a strong desire to prove she was “as good as a man.” She made the mistake of taking leave of her senses and smacking my then-hubby on the back of the head when he said…something. I don’t even remember. I wasn’t even in the room at that particular moment (bathroom). I heard a thud & a yelp and, then, wailing. I opened the door to see him holding said mouthy, boundary-void girlfriend by the throat, up against the wall, a foot off the ground. OH S***!

            Needless to say, Bill was NOT happy & the Marine & I retreated. He & I had an opportunity, later, to reconcile via email. He knew my hubby had issues, the girlfriend had issues and neither of us were mad at the other.

            He was a good man.

            1. bottomlesscoffee007

              I hate to admit it, but I love stories like that. We need more cowboys today, more John Waynes and more Dr. Mary Walkers. Bunch of powder puffs on both sides

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